Two men were arrested and face a series of felony charges over a homemade rap video that threatened to kill police officers, harm a judge and rape a female police officer.

Police said the profanity-laced video was initially posted on YouTube, but has since been pulled from the Internet site.

The two men, both 20, face felony charges of making a terroristic threat, conspiring to commit second-degree assault with a gun against law enforcement officers, conspiracy to commit rape and tampering with a judicial officer. It was not immediately clear Wednesday morning if they had lawyers.

According to a probable-cause statement, the men outlined plans in the video to kill Savannah Police Chief David Vincent, Andrew County Sheriff Gary Howard and several police officers and deputies. In all, at least 22 law enforcement officers were threatened in the video, according to documents.

Officer Joshua Smith said in court documents that he watched the video and heard Stevens specifically name several officers, including himself. He said Stevens described shooting Smith in an alley with an AK-47.

The statement also says the video threatens to destroy the community 60 miles north of Kansas City "like a ... Godzilla."

The video also showed footage of officers and deputies on the job.

It was not immediately known if either man had a police record, but Vincent said neither man was under surveillance and he had never been in contact with one of them.