Prisoner Sues Martha Stewart, Claims Pet Turkeys Attacked Him

A South Carolina prisoner with a penchant for suing celebrities is turning his attention to Martha Stewart.

Jonathan Lee Riches claims Stewart violated his civil rights in a real estate deal.

In a two-page, handwritten lawsuit filed against Stewart in Superior Court, Riches seeks $3.5 million in damages from Stewart for "emotional, mental, psychological distress." Riches says he will donate any damages he collects to television cook Rachael Ray.

A telephone message was left Wednesday for Stewart's spokeswoman.

Riches, 30, is serving a prison term at the federal prison in Salters, S.C., for his involvement in an identity-theft ring.

Riches has unsuccessfully sued President Bush, golfer Tiger Woods, baseball slugger Barry Bonds and disgraced pro football player Michael Vick in federal court on a variety of claims.

Riches claims he tried to buy Stewart's estate in Westport earlier this year for $3.5 million in pennies, but learned the property is "full of deception."

He claims the real estate listing for the property falsely claimed it was painted with Dutch Boy paint. The suit also states that while touring the property (although records indicate he would have been in incarcerated at the time) Riches contracted poison ivy, was scratched by pricker bushes and fell in a groundhog hole.

Riches also claims he saw Stewart's turkeys playing football with Vick's jerseys and that the birds attacked him. And, according to the lawsuit, recently resigned Bush political strategist Karl Rove has found a new gig: working on Stewart's estate as her gardener.