Military Families Scrapbook

Generation After Generation of Military Men:
By Cpl. Seth D. Keil

I went to Dept. of Defense Dependent Schools, which provided me with the opportunity to meet my best friends — some of which I still talk to today. Whether on the playground or after school we would play "Army." We would mimic our fathers and dress up in battle dress uniforms, dirtying our faces with mud and carrying around Super Soaker squirt guns.

Sharing some alone time before Dad deploys to Iraq for a year. — Aurora Selbe
Thankful for My Military Family:
By Malaine Maxfield

Our children look up to their daddy because of who he is and what he does. To see him in his uniform you can see the pride and joy in their eyes. They feel that since of comfort not only because he is their daddy, but because he is a Marine.

Notes From Military Brats

My son was with the first Marine units that went into Baghdad in March 2002. He just finished his deployment in Iraq and his four-year tour of duty with the Marine Corps. Well, now it’s two years later, and he has military brats of his own! My son and his wife now have two small children.

A Military Family, Present and Past:
By Candy Owens

My husband is a Marine (his father served in the Army) and has been serving our country for almost 15 years. He will probably stay in the Marine Corps for 30 years or more if they let him.

Our Family is an Army:
By Andrea Davis

The military has played a big role in our lives. I know first hand what it’s like to be a military brat, and now I see my kids going through it as well, with their daddy gone so much. I had it hard growing up — people should know that the military life is not only difficult for the enlisted, but also for the family of the one who's serving.

Following my Father's Footsteps:
By Jeffrey Walker, 1SG USA

Growing up as a military brat is very hard as a child and as a teenager — I didn't see the benefits of my upbringing until I was older.

Stand at Attention for the Keating Family:
By Phil, Donna and David Keating

What's it like to be an Army brat? Well, honestly, I don't know any other experience first-hand to compare it to — but I can say that there has been many times where I envied people for not having to move around their whole lives.

My daughter is dealing with a long deployment. Most of all, I fear that she'll forget her daddy. She talks to him on the phone but it's still not the same. — Kristine Johnson
Stopping to Salute:
By Bailey Rivera

If there were a tally for the thing I brag most about, being a military brat would top the list. If there was one conversation topic that I love to be involved in, it’s gotta be military brat talk.

Our Daddy the Soldier:
By Giannah Aubrey Cleary-Ruark

Our Daddy wears combat boots, He has the cammies too, And we all think it’s really cool, What our daddy has to do.

Mobility Is My Way Of Life:
By Jeffry A. Harrison Jr.

You can say my childhood was different than others; we moved almost every other year. My two sisters and I had to learn to adjust to new environments fast, and be ready to leave our home whenever Uncle Sam needed us to.

The Real Boss in a Military Family:
By Kelsey Lamb

When my dad walks into a room people salute. When my dad talks to you, you respond, “Yes sir.” When my dad tells you to do something, you do it, and you do it well. That is, unless you are me.