Groom Speaks Out About Best Man O.J. Simpson's Arrest

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JOHN GIBSON, "BIG STORY" CO-HOST: He says his best man's arrest ruined his wedding. Tom Scotto and his wife renewed their wedding vows in a casino chapel in Vegas this weekend and O.J. was the best man. Scotto was one of the men police named in connection with the alleged armed robbery, but he maintains he was not involved.

It is a "Big Story" exclusive. Thomas Scotto is live on the phone from his honeymoon in Hawaii.

Mr. Scotto, thanks for joining us. Can you tell us what you heard during either the rehearsal for the wedding or the wedding, among O.J. and his friends about what they were going to do?

THOMAS SCOTTO, O.J.'S FRIEND: Well first, I want to correct you. It was my wedding; it wasn't renewing my wedding vows.

GIBSON: OK. During the wedding, what did you hear?

SCOTTO: Basically that O.J. had spoke with Tom Riccio, who supposedly had a line on O.J.'s stolen merchandise. And he put together a meeting that O.J. would just show up and pick up the items.

GIBSON: Was he gathering guys to go with him on this mission from the wedding party?

SCOTTO: No, he wasn't gathering guys. There just happened to be a couple of people with him.

GIBSON: Did you see them go? Did you hear them say what they were going to do?

SCOTTO: Yes. Actually I was supposed to take the ride with them. It was supposed to be just going to pick up the items. But I was busy that day planning last minute things for my wedding and my time ran short. I told O.J. I couldn't go with them. Basically Tom Riccio just said come to the hotel room, all the stuff is here, come get it.

GIBSON: Mr. Scotto's O.J.'s groom pal. Why did you pick O.J. as your best man?

SCOTTO: Because he is my best friend.

GIBSON: Are you guys close?

SCOTTO: He is my best friend.

GIBSON: Have you heard him talk about these missing items for some time now?

SCOTTO: Yes, Tom Riccio set this up about three weeks ago. As far as I'm concerned, he's the one who should be in jail.

GIBSON: Why do you say that?

SCOTTO: Because obviously this was a set-up. Otherwise you don't bring an audio recorder into a room to audio record something that's supposed to be just items being picked up. It's a total conspiracy by him and if what they say was true, what happened, then he set up this conspiracy.

GIBSON: You should keep an eye on the show, because we're going to have Riccio on a little later. But one last thing, did you see anybody with guns?

SCOTTO: Of course not.

GIBSON: As far as you know, nobody was carrying guns as they left?

SCOTTO: I know O.J. very well. He is a very intelligent person. He can't jaywalk without getting in trouble. He would never put himself in that position, ever.

GIBSON: Tom Scotto, enjoy your honeymoon and thanks for joining us.

SCOTTO: OK, thank you.

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