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Monday, September 17

It's Baaaaaack …

In the Greenroom is back after a little hiatus. I'd like to say that I've been busy reporting from the field, busting open terror plots or government malfeasance (and if you saw my stunt driving piece, you know I HAVE been in the field investigating important, ground-breaking subject matter). But the truth is ... our intern went back to school … and took my power cord with him. I couldn't blog without his know-how and I don't know how to put Greenroom Photos on the Web without his help. (Item No. 57 on my to-do list: get another cord. Item No. 58: get another intern.)

Is That a Hickey?

Maureen, our make-up artist extraordinaire, was the first one to spot the suspicious mark on Kelly McCann's neck. Kelly is a former Marine who's worked in hostage recovery tactics and counter-terrorism. He thrives on danger in his personal life too. He claimed the dark spot on his neck that resembled a hickey was indeed the result of something fun — just not a make-out session. He's an avid wake-boarder. That's where you're dragged on a boogie board at high speeds behind a power boat. He says the boat pulling him was doing 20 mph when he jumped a wake, caught about eight feet of air, then did an in-air 180 switch (whatever that is?). He came down with a thud and knew he'd bruised something. He just didn't know it'd show up as a love bite. Make-up covered it up on-air.

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Speaking of Danger...

It's always a lot more fun when Col. Hunt visits in the flesh rather than via satellite. He told me he's preparing to go back to Afghanistan in a couple months — his seventh trip to the country. His mission is to provide security for a famous top-secret visitor. Stay tuned to the blog to find out who is headed there ...

Her Big Story

It was great to see our old friend Heather Nauert in our greenroom this morning. For the past two years, Heather's been working in the L.A. bureau of ABC News, but today she returns to her FNC homeland and The Big Story. As she was getting her makeup done, we chatted about her time out west. She lived in Laurel Canyon, the cool rock-n-roll hood, home of legends like Jim Morrison and the Doors.

Heather says she dug L.A. (she actually said "loved" but I prefer some 60s jargon here). I'm always fascinated when northeasterners or southerners or midwesterners can transition to L.A. because it seems so foreign to me. I prodded her to tell me just what it was that she bonded with. "I liked having a car. I liked having a house and a yard. All the things we don't have in New York City." I hear ya sister. Heather managed to bring a little memento of her time out west (actually a fairly big one) back east with her in the form of a new addition to the family. She calls him her new baby. He's a German Shepard named Jo-Jo, once Heather's dad's dog. She'll have her hands full between Jo-Jo and John-John Gibson.

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