Champagne and Cupcakes

For those of you who watched years ago, you know that the Judge and I were regulars on "The Big Story." How nice to have the old team back together again! We celebrated the kickoff with a post-show party in our new studio. For months our colleagues have been building the snazzy new studio, known as Studio E. Finally it is finished.

We toasted our staff and crew with champagne and cupcakes. It takes about 20 people to get the show on the air each day. We have a wonderful group of cameramen, audio technicians, floor directors and lighting experts. Perhaps most interesting is that the editorial staff is all female. We joke that John has nearly 10 wives.

Take a look at the pictures. All these ladies are responsible for putting together every show. They do the tough job: finding every guest who comes on the show. They have to be very fast when news quickly changes, requiring us to come up with new guests at the last minute. They also do a tremendous amount of research and organizing.

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