Back to School Success For Military Brats

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It is difficult for busy parents to stay active and involved in their child’s education. This is especially true for military parents who move frequently and deploy. As a military parent it is essential to create effective communication strategies in each school your child attends. An involved parent is a child’s best advocate!

As the new school year begins, we offer tips and strategies for setting your child up for success.

Get to Know Your Child’s School

• Request and retain for your records information and publications regarding the district, school, and individual programs.
• Find out academic requirements and application deadlines for extracurricular participation.
• Expect state and local testing. Double-check requirements with the school. You can check out testing requirements by state at the MCEC™’s Education Resource Center.
• If your child is college bound, make sure to investigate application deadlines.

Get to Know Your Child’s New Teacher(s)

• Make an appointment to meet your child’s new teacher(s) within the first six weeks of the school year.
• Keep teachers informed – this is especially important if you are expecting a move or a deployment.
• Talk about your child’s previous school experiences with new teacher(s).
• Volunteer at the school; it’s a great way to meet school staff, other parents, and to be well-informed about programs and opportunities.

Get to Know Your Child’s Peers and Their families

• Make play dates with other children in your child’s class.
• Arrange group study sessions at your house so you can meet your child’s friends.
• Coordinate volunteer activities with other parents when you are available.

Have questions or want to help? Contact the Military Child Education Coalition™ at (254) 953-1923 or visit

Dr. Mary Keller has served as Executive Director of the Military Child Education Coalition™ (MCEC)™ since 2000. The Military Child Education Coalition™ (MCEC)™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, worldwide organization that identifies the challenges the face the highly mobile military-connected child, increases awareness of those challenges in military and educational communities, and initiates and implements programs to meet the challenges. Their goal is to level the educational playing field for all military-connected children, including active duty, National Guard, and Reserves.

Have more questions? Contact the Military Child Education Coalition at (254) 953-1923 or visit