Al Qaeda Profiting From Afghanistan's Production of Opium

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In Afghanistan, 477,000 acres of land are being used to grow raw opium — a 17 percent increase since last year — and the drug is then being supplied to over 90 percent of the world, according to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, recently reported by The New York Times.

This is when I’ll remind you that we, the U.S., has owned Afghanistan for over five years now.

I know, I know, they have their own president, a cute little guy who wears a cape and a hat and speaks great English — but we supply Afghanistan with almost everything else. Hell, we can at least get the drug lords to pay us back with the billions of dollars in profits they make. Right now the profits from these drugs go to a small powerful drug cartel elite and too much of it winds up in Al Qaeda training camps. The raw opium is cut and processed in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan and then moved by mule horse, boat, plane and humans to further distribution and process sites in Europe and then brought into this country— just as easy as the 13 to 20 million illegal aliens get into this country.

The United States of America is sadly the largest user of raw opium — you may know it as heroin. My friends, you cannot make this up … you see, truth is stranger and always more shocking than fiction. What else is stranger than fiction is how easy it would be to destroy the stuff. These fields are miles and miles long and wide. We should bomb them, blow them up, set up an artillery and motor training range and blow the opium off the planet. It is true that it’s the only product Afghanistan farmers export. Between us and Europe, we surely can come up with another product that this poor country can export. We can also pay them for their opium that we will destroy for a few years, and, of course, while we are getting them to use another product that does not kill people.

Hell, what am I yelling at — Usama bin Laden just showed up again and we do not even seem to care! So, how can I expect us to care about tons of raw opium being grown right in front of us? Hell, we don’t seem to care that we are the largest users of the stuff and have it growing right outside our doorsteps … nope, we don’t seem to care.

Now, let me also say that we should not destroy all the opium — some is needed to make morphine, a miracle drug.

We have one of the weakest immigration policies in the world and we own both ends of the heroin pipe line. But, despite even that, we’re approaching the sixth year since 9/11 and bin Laden is still alive and still giving us political and history lessons on TV … and we hardly seem to notice.

Why even write about this? Well, I reckon that with the sheer amount of opium present, the massive size of the problem will get your attention and maybe, just maybe, you might put down the beer, or even better, take the half full one and throw it at the TV and then write your congressman, senator or even the president and say, “Enough is enough, this is the greatest damn country in the world, how about we act like it?”

Hell, we might even like it and do the right thing more than once … what a sight that would be.

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Colonel David Hunt, U.S. Army (Ret.), is a FOX News military analyst and the author of the New York Times bestseller They Just Don’t Get It. He has extensive operational experience in counterterrorism, special operations, and intelligence operations. He has trained the FBI and Special Forces in counterterrorism tactics, served as the security adviser to six different Olympic Games, testified as an expert at many major terrorist trials, and lectured at the CIA, the FBI, and the National Security Agency. You can read his complete bio here.