Should Kathy Griffin's 'Jesus' Acceptance Speech Be Cut From Emmys Telecast?

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JOHN GIBSON, “BIG STORY” HOST: Comedian Kathy Griffin may have won an Emmy but we won't hear who she has to thank for it. The D list celebrity has people up in arms about her acceptance speech at the creative arts Emmys last Saturday, in which she blasted Jesus.

Griffin said, quote, "A lot of people came up here to thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus. This award is my God now!" A lot of folks are angry about the red headed comic's comments, saying the speech was vulgar and some were calling it a hate speech.

The TV Academy says it will cut Griffin's offensive remarks from their pre-taped telecast and will air an abbreviated version instead on Saturday. With me now, fellow comedian Sherrod Small, you may recognize him from the hit show on VH1 “Best Week Ever.”

SHERROD SMALL, VH1'S "BEST WEEK EVER": The number one show on VH1 by the way.

GIBSON: According to my staff, they love it.

SMALL: Thank you.

GIBSON: What did you think of what Kathy Griffin said?

SMALL: Wow! First of all, I think that she can't say Jesus had nothing to do with it because maybe he did. But if she won something maybe he did. But I think that her calling it her new God now, you're going too far. But here is the biggest part of the story, why are we talking about Kathy Griffin?

GIBSON: Why not?

SMALL: She is on the D-list. D-list and that's not like D-A list, that's the D list.

GIBSON: It is also the television network felt that they had to edit it out.

SMALL: Right.

GIBSON: They had to do something. They couldn't let this go on. You're on stage all the time. You're before cameras, you're on a hot mike and you sound as though you have some self-imposed limits that she does not.

SMALL: Yes, I want to give a shout out to Jesus, but I want to just take all the credit away from him. I wouldn't have, like, treated him like he was one of my homeys, like, and for Jesus good looking out. But I wouldn't have said no, Jesus had nothing to do with this. I wake myself up in the morning. No I wouldn't have said that.

GIBSON: It does appear, let's take a look at this, Kathy Griffin disses Jesus. Can she just say that?

SMALL: I think Jesus would be even more angry that she even mentioned him at all. A big-up or not big-up. I think Jesus and Kathy ain't been on speaking terms in how long?

GIBSON: A long time you think.

SMALL: I would say B.C.

GIBSON: Is there something like you have to be careful when you get around religion?

SMALL: You have to be careful when you get around groups of people. You have to know what you can say. What's funny in a comedy club you might get away with more because everybody knows it's a comedy club, but when you're watching this show and you're at home and it's 7:00 in the afternoon and your kids are running around, you don't want to hear somebody say oh yeah, Jesus, beat it.

GIBSON: Do you think she expected that if she said that that it would not make air? That she already knew going in that was going to be edited out?

SMALL: She thought that she wasn't being taped anyway. It's Kathy Griffin. No one really pays her too much mind. Her parents don't call her back. Let's get over it already. I mean it was funny for the moment but it was in a closed room and not being televised, maybe. But she is not used to being in front of the camera. Have you ever watched that show, that D-list show? Heavens no.

GIBSON: I guess I better say I have.

SMALL: No, if you did I'm going to leave right now.

GIBSON: Sherrod Small from the hit show on VH1 "The Best Week Ever."

SMALL: The "Best Week Ever," make sure you have me back.

GIBSON: All right, I will, you're in.

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