Is Britney Spears' Career Really Over?

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As we all know, Britney Spears booted it the other night on national TV.

She came out on stage in a sequined bra and panties outfit which exposed way too much of her own way too much. Evidently she had talked herself into believing she was still the same teenage vixen we had come to know from a few years ago.

Alas, what with having two kids, and fretting over the marriage bust-up and shaving her head and running into the surf in her underwear... All that bad stuff of the last few months, well, it had all taken its toll.

Kanye West was so mad about not winning at the Video Music Awards he accused MTV of exploiting Britney, saying that they knew she was going to be a train wreck and they let her ruin her career on purpose.

He may have a point.

Simon Cowell declared her career over the day after the VMA performance. But now Simon has had second thoughts.

He now says that if she will put herself into his hands he will save her career. My guess, Mr. Cowell will say: Hit the gym, hit the dance studio, stop hitting the Ding Dongs.

And if anybody can pull her fat out of the fire, so to speak, it probably is the impresario of our times, Simon Cowell. He hasn't missed yet, has he? Seen Sanjaya lately? No, you haven't.

So advice to Britney: Turn yourself over to Simon. You could have a legitimate comeback even yet.

Or do what the rest of us might do: Enjoy your hundred and fifty million bucks and don't give a hoot about what anybody thinks.

And remember, advice is worth what you pay for it.

That's my word.

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