Missing 3-Year-Old Found Alive and Well After 8-Hour Search in Utah Mountains

With searchers shouting "Benji," a 3-year-old boy in pajamas who wandered from his family's campsite Tuesday was found just over 8 hours later in good condition.

Benjamin Myrup disappeared around 8:30 a.m. MDT in the Uinta Mountains, in a remote, rugged area of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest, about 60 miles east of Salt Lake City.

He was found in late afternoon about three-quarters of a mile from the campsite near Provo River Falls, said Sgt. Jim Shupe of the Summit County sheriff's office.

"This is my baby, and he's back," said mother Naomi Myrup of Salt Lake City, as she held the toddler, who clutched a white teddy bear dressed in a red T-shirt with the word "Luv" on it.

The boy was spotted from a helicopter, which hovered over him while radioing his location to searchers on the ground.

Myrup said her son lost his shoes and had some cuts on his feet. "My shoe and my sock were lost," the little boy explained.

"They found my baby, he's fine," Myrup said. "I kinda didn't believe it until I actually found him."

The boy's father, Mathew Myrup, was at work when Benjamin vanished but was at the scene when the child was found.

Volunteers, including some on horses and ATVs, quickly joined the search for the 3-foot-tall boy, who was wearing pajamas with dump trucks on them. Planes and helicopters flew overhead, partly to get the attention of a kid who likes aircraft.

"We've been throwing every resource at it," Sheriff Dave Edmunds said.

Benjamin was playing with siblings and cousins when he disappeared into the woods, Edmunds said.

His mother immediately drove several miles to get cell-phone reception to call for help.

Earlier reports that a pregnant woman had gotten lost while looking for the boy and was missing were incorrect, the sheriff told The Associated Press.

Early in the search, cars leaving the area were checked by deputies if drivers agreed.

"It's a very difficult area to search," Shupe said.