Sept. 11, 2007: Your Grrrs

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Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column...

Les S. writes: I Just wanted to respond to a couple of the letters from this week's column. First, Bruce. If you think this stuff isn't going on in Canada, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn that you can get cheap. You say, "Thank God I live in Canada." Well, we here in America second that statement. In fact, with an attitude like that, maybe you should move to France.

Second, Lacey Y. George Forman chose to train and fight. Did Vick ask permission from these dogs before he threw them in the pit? Man up? If that's your definition of a man, then it's time for me to have a sex change. Lastly, to everyone else who says "they are only dogs," I am not an animal rights nut. I am not particularly religious. But I know right from wrong. This was wrong, plain and simple. If you can't see that then I pity you and everyone who knows you. With no compassion you must be really fun to be around!

Ron R. writes: Sports-mad America, the duh group that pay to be entertained. The culprit is selling the public on the idea that sports like football and basketball with its standouts like Vick and Kobe Bryant is a healthy thing to watch. The Vick case is just another symptom of owners with their deep pockets and big egos strutting around in a crowd of others with similar habits and a willingness to do anything in the pursuit of achieving the prize of winning. We’ve advanced very little from the days of the coliseum and "hero" gladiators.

The coliseum was a similar venue for sporting entertainment displaying physical combat between exotic animals or men and animals. When the crowd tired of lusting over the performance, they would occasionally be shown a less cruel exhibit of an elephant who knew how to write words in the sand with its trunk. Now there’s an idea. Hey, Mark Cuban, what do you think?

Jeffrey R. writes: Mr. Straka, you're aware that "oblivion" is an existing word, right? It doesn't make any sense when you try to use existing words to refer to things that don't mean what they actually mean. Also, your lack of compassion toward your fellow man is embarrassing.

Some people's lives do not revolve around going to the movies, and many people don't share the luxuries that enable you to dedicate an entire day to finding the correct seat in a movie theater. It's a MOVIE. Imagine a single mother who has to work the morning shift at a restaurant, gets off at noon. The movie starts at 1:30. Her sitter flakes out and at 1:10 she's able to get a sitter for three hours. She gets to the theater at 1:35, and there are two empty seats around Mike Straka.

Are you going to challenge her to a fight for ruining your perfect day? The world does not exist for you, and people who think the way you do are the actual problem. That's the true meaning of "oblivious." I look forward to your future columns.

Jeff — there are exceptions to every GRRR! writes: My first GRRR! would be that your second GRRR doesn't make sense. You think comedians do drugs so they can perform. I think they do drugs because of some underlying issue they have.

Let's take for example Richard Pryor, like you did. His mother was a prostitute, his grandmother ran a brothel. His dad probably was a pimp. He probably grew up around it. They're not doing drugs to be funny or to be a better comedian. They're doing drugs for the same reason that OTHER HUMANS do drugs: maybe for fun, maybe because of depression, maybe to ESCAPE!!

My other GRRR would be you say it must've been a slow news day when [the Owen Wilson] story made big news, because he's not an A-list actor. Well, today must be the slowest day in the history of newscast, because you're not an A-list actor, a B-list actor or one of the well-known news anchors.

Let's just say today is the slowest day for your story to be considered news. I'm not even a big fan of Owen Wilson, but your opinions irked me. So I thought I'd share my GRRR like you did, except you don't have to go out and buy a book. It's free of charge. Celebrities aren't ruining our country. The news is ruining our country by reporting this junk day in and day out.

Eric K. writes: I saw your picks for football today on "Fox and Friends Weekend" (Sept. 9) and I was right with you until you went against the Patriots. Being a New Englander, and knowing how the Patriots are, I just had to chuckle when you said the Jets would win. It was a good game, depending on how you look at it ... and I will give you this ... Chad Pennington was playing hurt. But with Randy Moss as a Pats receiver, I think the sky is the limit for them.

Bill W. writes: Your column deserves a Rave. We attend the movies regularly and well understand your comments. Bravo. Our latest defense is to attend a film two weeks after opening, on a Monday and 12 minutes after the advertised start time. Works like a charm. We've never missed the beginning of a film as yet and sometimes enjoy the final one or two previews. We leave the theater commercial-free!

Cell phones are a terminal plague in Los Angeles theaters. Modern technology can work both ways. I now carry a cell phone blocker that fits in my pocket out of sight. It's signal radius is approximately 10 to 15 feet, creating an electronic no-call zone of quiet. Everyone experiences dropped calls, and this little dandy does the same by simply pushing a button. What fun! It certainly beats being threatened with bodily harm for asking someone to take their call outside.

Kevin M. writes: Hey, Mike, love the fight coverage. It's nice to see a major news site recognize MMA in a positive way. I've been a fan since the first UFC back in the early '90s and have followed it very closely.

In your video regarding the Rampage Hendo fight coming up, you state that you've never seen a spinning backfist land other than Hendo's on Vanderlei Silva. Check out UFC 31 in 2001, where Shonie Carter landed one on Matt Serra, basically ending the fight. There have been a lot of spinning backfists landed in MMA, but this is probably the best and most effective you will ever see. It is actually Shonie's trademark move. Anyway, nice work. Keep it up.

Jeremy writes: I wholeheartedly agree with your rant about movie theaters. Here in the smallish town of Decatur, Ill., a man has the solution. He runs a three-screen theater downtown that refuses to play commercials (they play old cartoons instead, like the old days), he offers both Coke and Pepsi products and he will not stand for rudeness in his theater. I have completely stopped going to the large chain theaters, as his way of doing business is so refreshing.

And finally, this must be my last column, because I apparently won the big prize: Based on the random-selection exercise of Internet service providers (ISP) and millions of supermarket cash invoices worldwide, you were selected among the lucky recipients to receive the award sum of U.S. $1,000,000.00 (One Million United States Dollars) as charity donations/aid from The LG Electronics Inc. Please endeavor to quote your Qualification Numbers (N-222-6747, E-900-56) in contact with the Executive secretary.

Nice knowing all of you!

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