Report: Paris Hilton Sues Over 'That's Hot' Hallmark Card

Paris Hilton has filed a federal lawsuit over a $2.49 Hallmark greeting card that uses her photo and her trademarked phrase "That's Hot," The Smoking Gun reports.

In a complaint filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Hilton alleges that Hallmark has, among other transgressions, misappropriated her image and invaded her privacy with the card.

According to the lawsuit, the greeting card, which purports to show Hilton's "first day as a waitress," was first distributed earlier this year and remains on sale.

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Hilton is seeking at least $500,000 in actual damages and a permanent injunction barring Hallmark from further exploitation of her name and likeness.

The "waitress" card is one of three recent Hallmark offerings that have featured Hilton.