Man Under House Arrest on Rape Charges Saws Halfway Through Leg Before Trial

A man under house arrest on rape and child exploitation charges sawed into his leg bone, then called for help, authorities said.

Jerry Scholes cut through his right calf and into the bone before he dialed 911 and paramedics took him to a hospital, where he remained Friday, police said.

He had been wearing an electronic monitor on that ankle, but prosecutor Richard Garrett said he believed the sawing was an attempt by Scholes to show he was incompetent for trial, not an effort to remove the monitor.

Garrett said Scholes had fashioned two tourniquets using plastic zip ties, and placed one on the leg and another on his arm.

Scholes was to have gone to trial Thursday on three counts of rape and one count of engaging children in explicit video or print. Instead, he was expected to plead guilty Friday to the explicit material charge and one rape count, charges that carry a combined sentence of up to 50 years in prison.

Scholes' lawyer, Clint Mathis, asked a judge to postpone the trial after Scholes injured himself. The judge agreed but revoked Scholes' bond and ordered him jailed after his release from the hospital.

Scholes' age wasn't immediately available, but Garrett said the defendant is in his early 40s. Mathis didn't immediately return a call for comment Friday.

Garrett said Scholes was still wearing the electronic monitor: "My understanding is the probation department moved the monitor to his other leg."