Grading Whoopi Goldberg's Debut on 'The View'

So Whoopi Goldberg had her first day on "The View," otherwise known as The Knitting Circle in Hell. The first thing she did? Defend Michael Vick for dog fighting, saying it springs from his Southern upbringing. Her comments were denounced by the Humane Society, as well as the only living manatee who can dress itself, Joy Behar.

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But did Whoopi do bad?

All she did was mimic mainstream media and embrace cultural relativism, which helps you explain away bad behavior as a product of its environment.

Thing is, where does it end? What about Jim Crow laws and separate water fountains? Both are as Southern as biscuits and gravy. Are those okay too?

"The View" has always employed this crap, at times defending terrorists as a product of their environment. Whoopi just thought the same went for dog fighting.


See, on "The View," dog fighting is worse than terror, because animals are cute and fluffy and innocent Americans are not. The only time that bloated circle of stupidity will ever come out against terrorism, is if Al Qaeda poisons dog food. Because, then, what would the audience for "The View" eat?

Whoopi says Vick's love for dog death comes from his "culture," which is code for being black. But what if she had focused instead on the misspelling of Vick's fighting club — Bad Newz Kennels, which has a Z, not an S? If she had said Vick can't spell because of his "culture," she would have been gone faster than a burger in Rosie's lunchbox.

And that's my gut feeling.

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