Friday Finals: Week's Winners and Losers

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It's the Friday Finals, our favorite time of the week when we talk about the big winners and losers, and why! First the winners.

Britney Spears, believe it or not. She may be a walking train wreck, but she's back on primetime TV looking fairly hot and maybe with a hit.

Fred Thompson and Jay Leno were big winners. What a way to launch a presidential campaign: in Hollywood, from the couch, 15 or so million people watching.

Also a big winner: the FOX News Channel debate in New Hampshire the same night. The biggest audience for a primary debate in history. Hat's off to Brit Hume and the entire crew.

And Danny DeVito is our last big winner. He's a charmer, and he's now got his own line of Limoncello. What's better than that?

Now to the losers chosen by my staff and me for this week and the reasons why.

Rita Cosby. We like you, Rita. We hope you do well with your Anna Nicole book. But I would shudder having Lin Wood going over my sources with a fine-toothed deposition.

Idaho Sen. Larry Craig and that bathroom arrest. How long does it take to resign anyway? I guess we found out this week.

Al Gore is a huge loser. Mr. Enviro caught by "Hannity's America" getting off his Gulfstream private jet, which he decries for everybody else. I'd use the jet, but he's a hypocrite.

And Jack McClellan, the world's most famous perv. He's moved on from California to Portland, Oregon, this week. Next week who knows, but it will probably be somewhere.

That's My Word.

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