Who Won the New Hampshire Republican Debate on the FOX News Channel?

On Wednesday night, the GOP candidates faced off in the New Hampshire Republican Debate, hosted by the FOX News Channel.

In the ring were front-runners Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney, alongside Mike Huckabee, Tom Tancredo, Sam Brownback, Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter.

Who do you think was the winner of the debate? FOX wants to know!

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"Ron Paul wins all the time because he is the only one who upholds the United States Constitution 100 percent." — Gerrit (Ephrata, PA)

"I think the debate did not make me more likely to vote for any of the candidates ... the questions are one sided and the liberal candidates are not asked equally challenging (or many ridiculous) questions. Fred Thompson had a much better strategy!" — Anna (Whippany, NJ)

"I felt Mike Huckabee answered the questions straightforward and honestly. I do not feel answers should begin with "When I was ...." Huckabee has something different to offer, with his direct answers to questions and different answers. He can think on his feet, and can give us something new and fresh. Mike Huckabee won this debate. I'll stand beside him." — Gerald (Suwanee, GA)

"Fred Thompson wins hands down. He was smart enough to stay out of this silliness. He also realized who has the most viewers and it certainly is not a debate. He is the only Republican who has half a chance of winning in November '08." — John

"Ron Paul won last night’s debate. He has the courage to stand alone against seven others who think alike on foreign policy. Ron Paul is the successor to Reagan and "pre 9-11" Bush. From where I sat in the seventh row the crowd seemed to love him. Thanks for hosting a super event." — Lincoln

"The winner of this debate and of the last three Republican debates is Ron Paul. Any time a candidate defends true constitutionalism, he is the winner. I know his position on Iraq is not popular, but he is right. It is an unconstitutional war and one we cannot win." — Scott (Lake City, FL)

"I believe Rudy G. won the debate. Watching the debate made me proud to be an American and
a Rebublican." — Robert

"I am not sure who the winner was, I definitely like Huckabee, the fair tax has my vote! Give me MY money! There is not a whole lot the governor has ever done right, except waste money. Give it to the people that work for it, they know better how to spend it." — Mike (Ethan, SD)

"I think Rudy Giuliani won the debate, hands down. He is comfortable in his own skin and has a record of leadership and accomplishment that will serve America well. How do you spell leader? R-U-D-Y!" — Proud American

"Mitt Romney spoke well on all subjects and is more than capable of being the president." — Jim

"The clear winners were Giuliani, Romney, and Huckabee, in that order. Ron Paul is a very poor excuse for a Republican and should run with the other idiots on the Democrat side." — Mr. & Mrs. Payton (Florence, OR)

"I think, surprisingly, I was most impressed by John McCain and I would say he "won" the debate. I was also impressed by Romney, Giuliani and Huckabee. Paul is a certified lunatic." — Rod (Garden Grove, CA)

"Love Huckabee...but Ron Paul represents the 1776 Gentleman Farmer - a man of common sense who loves this country. I'm changing my support to Ron Paul." — Fred (Dacula, GA)

"MITT ROMNEY. He is the only candidate who answered the questions from a position of strength and honesty." — Jason (Atlanta, GA)

"I sincerely believe that Congressman Ron Paul won the debate tonight. Since World War II the United States has not declared a war and since that time we have also not won a war. The idea that we can even "win" the war in Iraq is ridiculous because we never declared who it was against or what it was for." — Luke (Florida)

"Hands down, Mike Huckabee won the debate. He's brilliant, witty, a proven leader, sincere, and right on the only issues that should matter — life, marriage, and national security." — Rena

"Rudy Giuliani was the clear winner. His experience transfers perfectly to the challenges of decision making necessary for The Presidency. He accomplished a great deal in New York with reduced crime, tremendously reduced welfare recipients, and lowered tax rates and cleaned up the citiy. I liked his answer to gun control. He said it wasn't the guns he needed to control, it was the criminals. He got them off the streets and the crime goes down. I'd like Duncan Hunter for VP." — Cordelia (Fletcher, NC)

"It was John McCain hands down. He had a command of the issues and actually answered his question intelligently. Others sidestepped, repeated the same thing or were vague. I am looking forward to the October redebate." — Gail (Wauwatosa, WI)

"I feel that Ron Paul won this debate. He continues to stick to his principles and, in my opinion, gives the most honest responces. I felt that the the "frontrunners" — Romney, McCain, and especially Giuliani - avoided answering several questions truthfully and completely. The decision of who I will vote for is between Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee, with me leaning towards Ron Paul." — Brian (Crossville, TN)

"Rudy Giuliani - Hands down. Track Record & Experience. Let's make America change just like New York did." — Gary (Pace, FL)

"McCain showed an understanding of all of the questions he was asked tonight. Giuliani and Huckabee were the next in line. I go for McCain as the winner tonight. Thank you for a good debate with good questions." — V.V.

"Up until tonight's debate, I wasn't sure who the Republican front runner and my choice for President would be. Tonight, John McCain answered my questions and is clearly the man for the job." — Alfred (Houston, TX)

"Mike Huckabee and John McCain were my favorites in tonight's debate. I am really looking forward to learning more about Fred Thompson. From what I know at this point, he looks like my overall favorite.. It would have been nice to see him in tonight's debate. It is great to be an American! It is a place where our voice can be heard by going to the polls and casting our vote." — Jess (Michigan)

"While McCain performed better than expected, I thought overall Romney won it. Giulani was just plain disappointing." — Laurel (California)

“I liked Huckabee and McCain. Most well-spoken. Hopefully McCain knows illegal immigration now.” — Stephen

“I believe that it was a toss-up between Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney. John McCain came across better than he has in a long time, and Huckabee, Hunter and Brownback held their own. Tom Tancredo didn't so well. Poor old Ron Paul has just lost what sanity he ever had. I think the people in white coats should take care of him.” — Mary

“Thanks for airing this debate. Ron Paul sure blew the doors off that place!” — Christian

” Ron Paul won. The others just stated the same, boring, PC rhetoric. Paul spoke from his heart and it was apparent with all the cheers that Im not the only one who thinks so.” — M.D.

” Ron Paul was the clear winner tonight!” — John

” Ron Paul spoke most of the truth, but could not win in a Race! Rudy was great, but this was I believe the return of John McCain. Romery was blah to me, Huckabee was perhaps closer to winning the debate, but McCain iIthink is now coming on strong again. If Thompson was in the debate, I might had a different Opinion, but he choose to go on Leno. He did good on Leno, but no debate. McCain won this one!” — Pat (Sikeston, Mo)

” I think that Ron Paul was the best in the debate! He is someone that speaks truth and isn't a phony, but he doesn't fit the powerful peoples' agendas!” — Matt Holder

“The poll after the debate shows the clear leader of the pack. Ron Paul is the only hope for America.” — Dan

” Huckabee is the who should win out of everyone, but the sad thing is that he is too nice, too honest, and just too good of a person. I feel as if the good people don't come out on top. Look who is running our congressional field Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi, are you kidding me? Like I said, I think Huckabee would be ideal, but I think Rudy is the one that can beat Hilary! Happy voting. Vote GOP!” — Caroline

” I feel that Giuliani and Romney were very strong tonight, as expected. Personally, I think John McCain did great! I don't know how this will affect his poll numbers, but I liked what he had to say.” — Sandra

” JOHN MCCAIN. McCain won hands down. He was the only candidate who answered honestly, and stuck to his guns!” — Philip (Colorado)

” Clearly, Ron Paul won the debate. He was the only candidate that was honest and straight forward with his answers. He stands for the Constitution and the people of the United States. Giuliani is far from impressing. He has forfeited the second amendment and he answers every question the same way. He talks about how he lowered the crime rate in NYC and how it is the safest large city in the nation, NYC, NYC, NYC....NYC. I want to hear about the nation as a whole, not just one city.” — Christy


” Ron Paul won this debate. He is the only one who set himself apart from the pack. The others were bland and similar in every answer. Ron Paul had the right answers for the debate and the future of our country!” — James (Milford, New Jersey)

” I like Tom Tancredo's stance on illegal immigration and most every other subject debated. I like Huckabee 2nd and Rudy 3rd. I was pleasantly surprised however with McCain's stance on what to do with Iran.” — David (Indiana)

” Mike Huckabee won the debate in my opinion.” — Charles

” Clearly Ron Paul won the debate, he was the only candidate that seems to be speaking reason up there.” — Daniel

” Mitt Romney won the debate.” — Ed

” Giuliani and McCain were my favorite. It really is too bad that Mr. Thompson chose not to introduce himself to us tonight. Feels like we're being manipulated somehow.” — David (Phoenix, AZ)

” The people for me that really said things that stood away from the crowd for me were McCain and Paul. They spoke from their hearts and I agreed with most that they said while the others just sounded like talking points. The spin stops here!” — Tom (Houston, TX)