Sen. Larry Craig's Daughter Also Runs Afoul of Law

The public spotlight on Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, which by default also shined on his family this past week, might mean an arrest in the near future for one of Craig's daughters.

Following a week of turmoil over a lewd conduct-related arrest, Craig made headlines Saturday announcing his likely resignation. On Tuesday, his daughter, Shae Howell, and son, Michael Craig, appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America" to defend their father.

But a reader of the news Web site Boise Guardian discovered after watching the TV show that Howell also had a local warrant for arrest with a $500 bond. The warrant was issued in April because Howell failed to appear at a court hearing related to 2006 charges of unlawful entry and malicious injury to property, both misdemeanor charges.

Idaho officials said Thursday the warrant is active and has not been served, meaning Howell has not been arrested.

Boise Police spokeswoman Lynn Hightower said Howell was charged in connection to a June 19, 2006, "domestic related" incident in which she entered a home without permission. Hightower, who spoke by telephone, said she had reviewed the police report but could not provide the report or any further details under department policy.

According to court papers, Howell destroyed photographs.

Click here to see the bench warrant and November court charging document on The Smoking Gun.

Hightower could not confirm that the Howell in the charging documents was Craig's daughter, but photographs on the Ada County Sheriff's Office Web site and the ABC News Web site, show they are the same.

A woman who answered a phone number identified as Howell's said the senator's daughter was not immediately available for comment.

Hightower said that Howell's outstanding warrant — which is for relatively minor charges — will be "handled like any other person facing similar charges."