Chinese Leader Who Blew Up Young Mistress Executed

A senior Chinese parliamentarian who blew up his young mistress to silence her demands for money and marriage was executed yesterday, along with his policeman nephew, who helped him to murder the woman, the Times of London reported on Thursday.

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Duan Yihe, 61, was the latest victim of a crackdown on Communist officials’ corruption and extramarital affairs. Last week the Finance Minister, Jin Renqing, was demoted to a post in a government think-tank amid rumours of a sex scandal.

Duan was a former chairman of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress, or parliament, of Jinan, the capital of eastern Shandong province. He had admitted asking his nephew, Chen Zhi, a Jinan policeman, to help him to arrange a road accident to eliminate the young woman, Liu Haiping.

Chen and the head of a car repair shop planted explosives in Liu’s car. They detonated the bomb by remote control as she drove down a busy road in Jinan on July 9. The blast was so powerful that her Honda sedan was ripped apart, her lower body was destroyed and her torso landed 30 metres away. Two bystanders were injured.