Back to the Future

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It was wonderful to be back on set this morning with the great Gretchen and Steve after a Labor Day respite. Hope you had an enjoyable day and boy, aren’t we all glad we are not in Central America today? Hurricane Felix is making it a real mess.

The show felt formatted more circa 2004 today as the president stole center stage by zipping to Iraq and greeting thousands of American troops. It’s amazing to see so many men and women talk about 3 or 4 tours in a war zone and are so upbeat about their mission — which at times has seemed too steep a hill to climb. Once again we hear reports about great troop morale and tangible success to talk about in the Al Anbar province. Hope this debate peels the paint from the hallowed congressional walls like last spring's clash on funding. I have the sense that both sides would like to keep a more civil dialogue on Iraq — at least I hope they do.

Today we had William Kristol and Col. Bill Cowan talk war and peace in Iraq, Iran and North Korea and Michael Palin talked comedy… Monty Python comedy. My personal highlight had to be with we had the high school kids on who executed the ultimate sports prank — having high school football fans unwittingly hold up signs that said “We Suck.” Sure they were suspended, but it was just good-natured fun and they presented their case well.

Tomorrow should be another great show — please don’t miss it. And, if you are looking for an upbeat sports book that teaches values ethics and more grab “It's How You Play the Game” at


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