Wisconsin City Proposes Exempting Mounted, K-9 Cops From Pooper Scooper Law

The city's pooper scooper law applies to everyone, even police officers on mounted patrol and K-9 unit duty — but a new statute may allow them to start leaving the evidence behind.

An ordinance amendment to be taken up Tuesday is aimed at making it easier for the city to increase its use of mounted police patrols.

Alderwomen Judy Compton and Lauren Cnare, co-sponsors of the amendment, said the change is meant to allow officers in the saddle or partnered with canines to patrol events such as University of Wisconsin football games without having to stop to pick up droppings like civilian pet owners.

Lt. Victor Wohl, who oversees the police department's five-dog canine unit, wasn't aware of the proposed change, but he said it isn't likely to affect his officers' work.

"The K-9 handlers are in most instances going to pick up after their dogs," he said.