Two different versions of a forthcoming World War II documentary on PBS — which made headlines over the omission of Hispanics in the depiction of troops fighting — will be released, one of them a profanity-free take, The Washington Post reported.

Public TV stations are worried that four curse words in the Ken Burns project “The War” will land them hefty indecency fines from the FCC, according to the newspaper.

In response, PBS took the unusual step of releasing two different versions for broadcast — the original and the cleaned-up film, with the questionable language taken out.

A number of stations, including Maryland Public Television and WETA in Arlington, Va., have said they’ll air both: the family-friendly one during the day and the unedited one at night, according to the Post. The documentary runs over several nights during prime-time, beginning Sept. 23.

"It's the world we live in right now," Joe Bruns, WETA's chief operating officer, told the paper.

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