Ex-Con Rams New Hampshire Police Station With Stolen Bulldozer

An ex-con on a stolen bulldozer repeatedly rammed the town police station early Friday, tearing down large chunks of the front wall.

No one was inside the stationhouse at the time, but police said an officer arriving shortly after midnight saw the bulldozer attack in progress.

Troy officer Kevin Stone watched as the bulldozer hit the front of the building repeatedly, police said. Stanley Burt, 34, was arrested and charged with criminal mischief, reckless conduct with a deadly weapon and driving and probation violations. He also was charged with stealing the bulldozer from a nearby construction site.

The police station and equipment inside, including the phone system, were heavily damaged. A structural engineer was inspecting the building Friday to evaluate the damage.

"He hit it three times," State Police Sgt. David Griffin said. "He took out the whole front, which included the main entrance to the police department."

Burt has had numerous run-ins with the local police, and he was recently released after serving 12 months in the county jail for being a habitual motor vehicle offender, Griffin said.

Burt appeared in court Friday morning but did not enter a plea to the new felony charges.

The strange attack on the police station echoed a similar case three years ago in which a man with a grudge and a fortified bulldozer went on a rampage in the mining town of Granby, Colo. Marvin Heemeyer, a 52-year-old muffler-shop owner who had had zoning battles with the town, went on a 90-minute rampage in 2004 and damaged 13 buildings before killing himself.