Suspended for Doodle of a Gun?

If you joined us for “FOX & Friends” this morning, you saw several lively debates today. Your e-mail reactions to the debate about the gun doodle drawing kids in Arizona was split almost right down the middle! The teen who — drew the gun doodle naming his high school counselor on the drawing — defended his actions along with his mom on our show. Meantime, a former prosecutor said the school was right in suspending him for three days. She said schools these days are in a no win situation... if they don't suspend kids for drawing guns... what if another act of violence happens?

We also debated kids and young adults doing sometimes very dangerous stunts on video — so they can see themselves on YouTube! A resident stuntman says he does the stunts for the thrill of it all. Even actor George Lopez weighed in, saying he did stupid stunts as a kid... the only difference was they didn't videotape them. Sandy Rios disagreed with the trend, saying too many kids are going to get hurt.

Have a great day everyone, and be sure to join us for an early edition of “FOX & Friends” this Friday at 5 a.m. as we cover the 10-year anniversary of Princess Diana's death.


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