NASA: No Improper Alcohol Use by Astronauts in Pre-Flight Period

Astronauts did not improperly use alcohol in the immediate pre-flight period, FOX News learned Tuesday.

"The NASA safety review found no evidence of alcohol misuse or abuse in the immediate preflight period," according to a NASA press release about the internal review.

NASA officials launched a review after reports that an astronaut flew on a Russian spacecraft after drinking alcohol. An independent panel of experts on astronaut health said NASA officials failed to listen to flight surgeons and other astronauts on allegations about alcohol use.

Management did not disregard flight surgeon or crewmember concerns about crew alcohol impairment and flight, according to the NASA release about the review.

NASA Administrator Michael Griffin will hold a press conference Wednesday to discuss the review.

NASA's Astronaut Health Care System Review Committee reviewed allegations about alcohol use, interviewing astronauts and other staff.

The committee reviewed 94 shuttle missions and 10 Soyuz missions. Current and former astronauts were contacted, including flight surgeons, research and operations support, nurses, shuttle suit technicians and other staff.

"All astronauts, flight surgeons and crew support personnel had the opportunity to come forward with information," according to the release.

The committee submitted recommendations being implemented by NASA, including use of behavioral health data in the astronaut selection process, adopting a code of conduct and providing regular training to flight surgeons about behavioral health assessments.