Love Triangle Astronaut Lisa Nowak to Pursue Insanity Defense

Documents made public Tuesday show that former astronaut Lisa Nowak is pursuing an insanity defense on charges that she assaulted and tried to kidnap a romantic rival.

Attorneys for Lisa Marie Nowak have filed a notice with the court that Nowak intends to use an insanity defense at trial. This notice does not challenge competence to stand trial, but only raises insanity at the time of the offense.

The circuit court judge in the case unsealed Nowak's notice of intent to rely on a mental health defense Tuesday. Florida law requires such a notice before trial to let prosecutors prepare.

Nowak, a 44-year-old mother of three who has been dismissed by NASA, has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted kidnapping, battery and burglary with assault in a February confrontation with fellow astronaut Colleen Shipman in an Orlando International Airport parking lot.

The case involves a strange love triangle between Nowak, another former astronaut Bill Oefelein and Shipman.

She is free on $25,500 bail and wears a tracking anklet as a condition of her release.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.