US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Resigns

US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has handed in his resignation, according to a report first uncovered by the NY Times.

Despite having the president's relentless support following the controversial firings of eight US attorneys last year and after statements he made to Congress about the debate over the legality of National Security Agency surveillance programs, Gonzales reportedly gave President Bush his resignation papers on Friday.

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Another appointee will be made to the Department of Justice — rumored to be virtually non-functioning — for the remainder of President Bush's year and a half term. A possible temporary replacements is Solictor General Paul Clement, according to a senior Justice Department official. READ MORE

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

Gonzales was never anything more than a "yes man," whose job seems to have consisted of finding legal loopholes for the administration to exploit. Every American should be glad he's gone, so maybe we can restore some dignity to the Justice Department. — JD (Denver, CO)

I am very upset with the Gonzales situation; he should not have had to resign! If the U.S. attorney general can’t decide who to hire or fire in his own organization, then we have a problem. This country could get so much good work done if the Democrats would spend more time on business at hand then spending tax dollars on trying to damage our president and his appointees. Mr. Gonzales was doing good work and should not have had to even take the time to deal with a situation such as this one. — Tone (Columbus, NE)

I do not remember any of Clinton’s staff resigning for all their wrong doings and Gonzales did not do anything wrong! This sends a very bad message to the Democrats. Again, the Republicans are duped by the liberal left. What a shame! — W.R. (Houston, TX)

This debacle is a classic reminder of why, in government and public policy, personal loyalty should never trump competence. — Gerry (Charlotte, NC)

Alberto Gonzalez is a true patriot who has been the victim of the Democrat’s witch hunt. The Democrats have not accomplished one useful thing since they took power, and that is why their approval rating is the lowest in American history. Mr. Gonzalez would not have had to resign if the Democrats would have just concentrated on doing the jobs that they were elected to, instead of trying to embarrass the president at every turn. This is truly a sad day for America and like many Americans. — Fran (Melbourne, FL)

He bowed to pressure. The Democrats were on a witch hunt and won. It is sad that political hatred is so rampant in D.C. I say vote every last senator and congressman out of office and put in a fresh batch and then get rid of them after their terms are up. They have made it a sewer that needs flushed — frequently! — Bruce (Tallahassee, FL)

It is about time he takes responsibility and resigned! It was either that or he faced additional attempts to forcefully remove him. He was like a dog in a corner with nowhere to go. — John (Rochester, NY)

I think it is another sad day for America, we are being run out by liberals who have nothing else to do except down grade our country, they have no ideas to bring us back together, all they can do is whine and cry foul. I hope and pray that America wakes up and sees how they will destroy us. — DeBiase (Itasca, Il)

Two words: THANK GOD! Now, who can we get to leave next? Maybe George? That would be a great day! — Mike (Florida)

Not surprising. Gonzales typifies this administration — hapless and gutless. I'm embarrassed every time I have to admit that I voted for these folks — twice. Remember, you can fool some of the people all of the time! — Gary (Paris, TX)

I am glad that Attorney General Gonzales has decided to resign his position. If the top law enforcement agent in the United States feels he can “lie” under oath, then what standards would we hold over convicted criminals who also feel that they can lie under oath? Alberto Gonzales was not above the law, and I think he has done the nation a wonderful service by stepping down as the attorney general. — E.W. (Los Angeles, CA)