Fla. Parents Expecting Sextuplets Showered with Gifts

Parents expecting to deliver the first sextuplets on record in Florida were showered with clothing, diapers, baby wipes and gift cards.

Ben and Karoline Byler also received a year's supply of ready-made meals and baby formula, six months of in-home wellness care and a $7,000 generator for backup power at the community baby shower Saturday at Idlewild Baptist Church.

Karoline Byler, 29, is expected to deliver sextuplets — five boys and a girl — at the Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg in the next few weeks.

Karoline Byler, in the 28th week of her pregnancy, did not attend the baby shower because she is hospitalized.

"Karoline is doing very well and they're not going to let her go past 32 weeks with the delivery," said Ben Byler, 30. "Their brain development is done, their lungs are close to fully developed and we're right up on what they consider a good time for the babies at 30 weeks."

The Bylers also have a 4-year-old daughter, Zoe. They began using fertility drugs after Zoe asked for a sibling.

Two sets of sextuplets were born in June in Minnesota and Arizona, although five of the six Minnesota sextuplets died after being born about 4 1/2 months early. Sextuplets born in Alabama in 2002 started kindergarten earlier this month.