Baby Born in North Dakota Bar's Parking Lot, Named After Bar

Victor Lane Dore will have quite a story to tell someday about his first name.

The newest resident of Grenora was born Sunday night in an ambulance in the parking lot of Vick's Place, which led his parents to selecting his name.

Brandie Dore, expecting her fifth child, went into labor Sunday night and she thought she had things under control. Calmly, she and her husband Tom loaded their other children into the family van to make the 45-mile trip to the hospital in Williston. But the van's battery was dead.

Tom ran to another vehicle to try to jump the van, but the second car was dead, too.

Tom started to panic. Finally he got his pickup started and jump started the van. But the van's headlights didn't work so the couple and their four children — and the one on the way — made their way down the dark road with just the vehicle's hazard lights flashing.

Fourteen miles down the road, Brandie's water broke. She told her husband to pull over at the bar and call 911.

Bambi Keyes heard the page from her rural home and was the first one to arrive on the scene.

"She was in the van, sitting in the front seat trying not to push," Keyes said.

"Until Bambi got there, I was really worried," Brandie said. "But when she got there, I knew everyone else wouldn't be far behind. I felt really OK."

Down the road in Grenora, the rest of the ambulance crew were trying to rush to the scene when they discovered their ambulance was down a headlight. So a change of rigs was necessary before they could get under way. A few minutes later, Jane Schenstad, Pam Gunlikson, Corrie Enander and Heather Bjerkhoel arrived in the ambulance.

The team managed to get Brandie out of the van and onto the stretcher, but just as they were about to load her into the back of the ambulance to rush to the hospital, the plan changed.

"She said in a very loud voice, 'Listen to me. The baby is crowning,"' Schenstad said.

The 8 pound, 2 ounce baby boy arrived at 9:52 p.m. in the back of the ambulance.

The couple had a name picked out for a girl, Victoria Lane. When a baby boy came along, plans didn't have to change too much. The couple settled on Victor Lane without much discussion.

"He ended up with the name when I realized he had been the parking lot of Vick's Place," Tom said. "I figured it must have been some kind of sign."

Vick's Place is owned by Trevor and Vicky Swenson of Zahl.

Four-year-old Ashden Dore is quick to share the story of her new sibling.

"We got a new brother," she said. "He was supposed to come from the hospital but he came from the bar instead."