Utah Police Chief Resigns After Stripper Wife's Arrest in Drug Bust

The police chief resigned after his wife was arrested in a drug bust at a Nevada nightclub where she performed as a stripper named "Ecstasy."

Mayor Brett Shelton said he asked for Vaughn Tripp's resignation "on grounds of embarrassment." He quit Thursday after leading the four-member police force since October 1998.

Sylvia Tripp, 39, was arrested last week in Elko County, Nev., just over the Utah-Nevada line, on suspicion of drug distribution and possessing medication without a prescription.

The bust occurred at Southern X-Posure, a strip club in West Wendover, Nev.

The Tripps could not be reached for comment. A home phone number is not listed.

In 1990, Wendover's police chief at that time was arrested in a case involving drugs taken from the evidence room. He and his wife, also a Wendover officer, were convicted.

Shelton said that case has made residents sensitive to Sylvia Tripp's arrest.

"I'm sure it did with a lot of the citizens and the perspective of others looking at our community," Shelton said.