FOX Facts: Timeline of John Couey

Timeline of convicted murder, rapist John Couey:

— 1978: John Couey accused of grabbing a girl in her bedroom

— 1980: John Couey is paroled after serving 2 years of a 10-year prison sentence

— 1991: John Couey is arrested on charge of fondling a child under age 16

— Feb. 23, 2005: Jessica Lunsford is last seen when she went to bed in her home

— Feb. 24, 2005: Family discovers Jessica Lunsford is missing

— March 7, 2005: John Couey leaves Florida

— March 17, 2005: John Couey is arrested Augusta, Ga., on probation violation

— March 18, 2005: Police say John Couey confessed to killing Jessica Lunsford

— March 19, 2005: Jessica Lunsford's body is found

— May 22, 2005:Gov. Jeb Bush signs the Jessica Lunsford Act into law.

— June 30, 2006:A judge throws out John Couey's confession.

— July 13, 2006:Judge stops jury selection because he finds it "impossible" to seat an unbiased jury in Lake County.

— Sept. 12, 2006:John Couey's trial is moved to Miami to have a better chance of finding impartial jurors.

— Feb. 12, 2007: Jury selection in trial of John Couey begins

— March 7, 2007: John Couey is found guilty of murder, burglary, kidnapping and sexual battery

— Aug. 24, 2007: Judge sentences John Couey to death for kidnap, rape and murder of Jessica Lunsford

Source: AP news reports