Pennsylvania Woman to Face Trial for Bigamist Husband's Death

A Pennsylvania woman accused of killing her husband just hours before he was to leave to meet up with his Moroccan second wife endured multiple emotional tragedies, including the loss of his affection and the death of a child, her attorney said Thursday.

The woman, Myra Morton, waived a preliminary hearing at which she could have contested accusations that she murdered her husband, Jereleigh Morton.

Prosecutors say Jereleigh Morton met his second wife on the Internet. He was shot in his own bed on the day he was to fly to the north African country to try to impregnate her.

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The Mortons were married for more than 20 years and lived in a Philadelphia row house until a medical malpractice settlement over their teenagers daughter's death netted them about $8 million in 2005. The family — which includes a surviving daughter and her family — moved to a $1 million home on a quiet suburban street.

"This is a woman who has endured the death of a child, the indignity of a husband telling her he's going to have a new wife — that she's too old — that he's going to leave the country to go impregnate that wife, and on top of all those indignities, the idea that he was going to give that woman money that had come from the death of her child," defense attorney Brian McMonagle said.

Myra Morton will face trial at a later date.

Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Steven Latzer called the evidence against Morton overwhelming.

"This is a cold-blooded woman who murdered her husband," Latzer said.

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