Former Alabama Gov. George Wallace's Shooter to Be Released from Prison

The man who shot presidential candidate George Wallace in 1972 will be released from a Maryland prison in December.

Arthur Bremer has served 35 years of a 53-year sentence he received in the non-fatal shooting of the former Alabama governor while on the presidential campaign trail in Laurel, Md., the Mobile Press-Register reported. Bremer has been working as a clerk at the prison and has been given credit for good behavior.

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Wallace was paralyzed by the shooting but served two more terms as governor. He died in 1998.

Bremer's pending release leaves Wallace's son, George Wallace Jr., with mixed emotions, he told the newspaper.

"I've forgiven Arthur Bremer and my family has, so I think God's law has been adhered to, and we're comfortable with that," Wallace said. "But having said that, I don't believe that given the suffering my father endured all those years from the gunshots and the constant paralysis — I don't think Arthur Bremer's incarceration comes close to that type of suffering."

The state's attorney who prosecuted Bremer told the Press-Register that Bremer's notoriety likely made him serve more of his sentence than other prisoners would have for a similar crime. Many well-behaved inmates in Maryland can be released once they serve about half their sentences.

Bremer must still maintain contact with parole officials for the rest of his sentence — until 2025. Bremer is 57.

Wallace, a Democrat, was running a successful campaign leading into the primary elections, based in part on a pro-segregation platform. He later renounced his segregationist past.