Brian Kilmeade, Sex Symbol

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It was a fun show today as we dipped inside some of the bigger personal stories we have been covering in the morning.

For example, we met the woman who bent down to pick up a dropped spoon only to have her house collapse around her. If she had not bent down, she would have been killed in her kitchen!

We also met the woman who was attacked in her sleep bypit bulls and the dog owner who knows his canines will be killed because of it.

We also examined the frustration one town is experiencing trying to rid itself of an admitted pedophile before he attacks again.

And, closing the show was wrestler Rey Mysterio — personal friends with Chris Benoit and fellow patient of his personal physician, the ever controversial, Dr. Astin. We talked steroids, "Summer Slam" and, of course, he gave us a mask. He did the entire interview in a mask which was a first for me, but not for Steve — in the '60s he interviewed the Lone Ranger.

Steve and I started the broadcast on a high after learning we have the mini mugs that women through time desire. True: A study shows women like cavemen-style faces and thanks to a tape measure, I now know what I have long suspected: Steve and I are sex symbols!

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