Royal Air Force Jets Shadow Russian Bomber Near British Air Space

Two Royal Air Force jets shadowed a Russian military plane that approached British air space, Britain's Ministry of Defense said Tuesday.

The incident occurred Friday, the same day that Russian President Vladimir Putin placed strategic bombers back on long-range patrol for the first time since the Soviet breakup.

Britain's defense ministry issued two photographs on its Web site showing one of the two RAF Typhoon F2s flying near the Russian Bear-H military aircraft over the North Atlantic Ocean.

The ministry provided few details about where and why this happened, but the Russian warplane apparently was in international air space and approaching Britain's skies when it was shadowed.

Typhoon F2s are responsible for carrying out the quick-reaction alert policies of British and NATO air defense in Britain, the Ministry of Defense said.

In Russia on Friday, Putin announced that 20 strategic bombers had been sent far over the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans — showing off Moscow's muscular new posture.