Shaquille O'Neil: Mountain of a Man

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We began talking about Hurricane Dean, and ended talking about a model-turned-anchor. Bill McCuddy put forth a Grade-A interview with the star of the reality show "Anchorwoman," who is attempting to make the transition from bikini modeling to news presenting. It was a riot and a stretch, to say the least.

It's to no one's surprise that Steve Harrigan was chosen to stand in the stiffest region of Hurricane Dean: Cancun, Mexico.

I spent Monday afternoon at Alonzo Mourning's golf tournament, talking to Shaquille O'Neil and Zo about the NBA referee scandal. They were both told not to talk to the press; at least Mourning weighed in. Above you will see how much bigger Shaq is than me and let me tell ya, there is quite a discrepancy.

You are probably down about sports, but if you are looking for a sports pick-me-up, you can grab "It's How You Play the Game," a collection of the powerful sports moments that taught lasting values to America's finest — 91 stories you can share with your kids!

The highlight of my journey to Trump National Golf Course was my interview with The Donald himself. We talked about his new "Apprentice," the truth on Britney signing on and who else could take part. On Wednesday, we will have Donald's take on the economy and what to do if you cannot make your house payments.

See you next time, and hope you enjoy the photo above.


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