Report: Skulls, Animal Bones and Organs Discovered in Sex Offender's Basement

A basement in an apartment building belonging to a convicted sex offender has been dubbed a "chamber of horrors" after skulls, animal bones and organs stored in formaldehyde were discovered there, The New York Post reported.

A city inspector on Monday made the gruesome discovery in the Bronx, N.Y., building owned by 62-year-old Barry Greene, who pleaded guilty in 2001 to sodomy and sex abuse charges.

The basement was full of skulls, bones and jars with organs swimming in them. The Department of Housing Preservation & Development inspector was checking on a hot-water complaint when he came across the frightful collection.

None of the bones or organs appeared to be human, but the medical examiner’s office was testing them to be sure, according to the Post.

"If these walls could talk, they'd probably be screaming," Dawn Jones, who lives in the building on Holland Avenue, told the paper.

Greene was convicted of sexually abusing four Bronx children in upstate New York, the Post reported.

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