Florida Fugitive Nabbed Skinny Dipping in Hudson River

An officer found a car Sunday night at a park site in upstate New York that closes at dusk. Police spotted clothing and a wallet in the car and began a search, eventually moving to the water.

"Our guys thought for sure we had a drowning," said Orange County Deputy Chief Rick Hovey.

David Rogers, 31, was found just before 3:30 a.m., about 200 yards offshore.

"He was kind of floating on his back, resting," Hovey said. "He claims he swam all the way across and back. ... He was naked when they got him out of the water."

Rogers was charged with trespassing for being in the park after hours. Swimming is not allowed at the park.

Rogers was released from the Orange County jail Monday evening. New Windsor police said he will likely be extradited to Florida, where he is wanted on a felony traffic warrant.

Corrections officials did not know whether Rogers had an attorney.