Advice for O.J. Simpson

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I have published two books, so I know how tough it is when you put yourself out there with a book. Everybody's a critic, even those geniuses who review books they haven't read.

If you don't believe me, go to Amazon and read the reviews of a controversial author. You'll see dozens just trashing the author while admitting they haven't read the book and don't intend to.

So having said that, imagine being an author named O.J. Simpson. Today Barnes & Noble announced they would not be carrying the book. Why? According to the company, various store staff say there is not much interest in the book.

I know how that goes, too. Bookstore clerks can kill you. They don't like a book, they can bury it. They're hating the idea of an O.J. book, and they're probably also reflecting certain customer resistance as well.

But all this does is point out the obvious folly of O.J. trying to write a book about the murder that isn't a full on confession. Anything that smacks of cute, like "If I Did It," is just going to get thrown back in his face.

Fact is, O.J. can't write anything unless it's a full confession. Nobody wants to hear from him unless it's a full confession.

Oh sure, he can gad around second-rate golf courses saying hi to fellow duffers and seeming to be living the high life, but he is in fact the most ostracized man in America and may remain so for a long time.

My advice to O.J., author to author: Go ahead and write a book. But you better come up with a pen name because your name is Mud. M-U-D, Mud.

That's My Word.

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