Report: Artificial Heart Leaves Man Feeling 'Cold'

Maybe there is more to the human heart than just tissue and arteries and blood.

At least that's what Peter Houghton now believes. Houghton is the first permanent lifetime recipient of an artificial heart, according to a report in the Seattle Times.

Houghton is grateful for the man-made heart that saved his live. Unfortunately though, he doesn't quite feel the same as he used to. But whether those feelings are just in his head or really are in his heart is unclear.

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Houghton received his heart seven years ago. Since then, he has walked long distances, traveled internationally and kept a daunting work schedule.

At the same time, he reports, he's become more "coldhearted" and "less sympathetic in some ways."

He doesn't feel like he can connect with those close to him. He's unable to bond with his twin grandsons. "They're 8, and I don't want to be bothered to have a reasonable relationship with them and I don't know why," he explained.