Democratic Congressman's Sense of Entitlement Lands Him in Hot Water

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The Democrats came into Congress riding on public disgust over Republican corruption and sense of self-entitlement.

Oh yes, they campaigned against the war, but many experts think the Duke Cunningham case and Bob Ney and Mark Foley were a major part of the Democrat takeover. And voters were right. The sense of entitlement that comes over members of Congress is like a disease. It doesn't seem that members from either party are immune.

Take the case of Rep. Bob Filner from San Diego who had a major freak out at Dulles airport the other day while waiting for his bags. He thought the baggage was coming too slowly. So he stormed into an office complaining, and when he was told he couldn't enter an employees-only area, he shoved aside a United Airlines worker and went into a back office where he found another worker on the phone to the police.

Now you and I have problems with baggage carousels all the time. Ever met anybody who thinks baggage shows up promptly? How many times have you seen a passenger charging into the back room demanding action? Well, if you have seen it you probably saw that passenger arrested.

Same with Congressman Filner. The cops came and informed him an airline worker was filing assault charges. Airport authorities say the congressman was charged with assault and battery, a class one misdemeanor.

And the best part? As Filner was hassling with the cops about his beefing with the airport workers, his bag arrived on the carousel.

I think anybody else would have realized if the airline essentially has your body in its custody on board the plane, your bag is even more its prisoner, and there's not much you can do about it.

But congressmen and women evidently think they don't have to put up with what the rest of us put up with. So the lesson here is the sense of entitlement and status infects both Republicans and Democrats.

Here's some advice: Don't do anything weird or illegal in an airport. It can't work out well.

That's My Word.

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