Changes, Changes

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We finally have a new set, our own studio and a couch!

After 10 years we have a first: A U-shaped love seat and I for one love it. Rich O'Brien and his staff did a great job and our crew offered so much extra manpower to pull it off and it was truly worth it. Many of you wrote and expressed sadness that we could not see the wackiness in the windows behind us. But who knows, maybe we'll change that.

No Alisyn today, but Ainsley Earhardt did a great job on updates in her place. In case you missed it, she had her first Red Bull live on the air and think it sustained her for the entire 3 hours — after all, she worked overnight.

As for the show, we looked at the seedy side of sports with Mike Missanelli from ESPN Radio. He was the host who found out that this disgraced referee has given up names of 20 other refs who have gambled in some way shape or form. What stunned me is that he claims the feds are ticked at the NBA for saying Tim Donaghy is just one bad apple — apparently that's not the case and the league knew it, but said it anyway! This could mortally wound this league in my mind.

The Michael Vick case looks worse for the QB each day he's in sudden death overtime in accepting or not accepting the plea deal. Not sure what the offer is, but the experts say it involves jail time. Mark my words, if it's short-term prison he will be back in the league as long as he apologizes. An eyewitness says he took part in at least 8 dog deaths and every one violent and brutal. By the time you read this he could building his case or getting fingerprinted.

On the positive side, QB legend Dan Marino was in town to talk Michael Vick and Nutrisystem. The guy looks great and is a real pro on TV, even when he does not talk sports. I also had a chance to talk about Saturday's Red Bull/Galaxy game featuring David Beckham. It amazes me that one midfielder could bring in 50,000 people and 66,000 overall. He ran out of gas in the second half, but was really good collecting three assists and never giving up.

If you want to hear and read about other positive sports stories go to The book you could click on is "It's How You Played the Game," the powerful sports moments that taught lasting values to Americas finest and, by the way, I can and will personalize.

Next "Friends" shows features Buzz Aldrin on the space shuttle and many surprises — I promise!


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