U.S. Lawmakers to Review Federal Mine Safety Rules Again

The government's handling of the cave-ins at Utah's Crandall Canyon Mine have some worried that changes made after a coal mine disaster in West Virginia last year didn't go far enough.

The owner of the industry newsletter Mine Safety and Health News says "there is no doubt" we're going to see changes in the industry because of this accident.

Mine Safety and Health Administration director Richard Stickler has come under fire for not quickly taking control of the scene. Critics say he should not have allowed the mine's co-owner to take reporters and family members on tours of the still dangerous mine.

The government's also being critized for allowing mining at Crandall Canyon at all, because of unstable conditions.

Lawmakers in Utah and Washington are promising investigations.

The underground search for the six miners missing since the August 6th cave-in has been halted indefinitely since Thursday, when three rescuers were killed in another cave-in.

A fourth hole dug into the mine Saturday has shown no signs of life.