Pop Tarts: Bare Britney Spears Gets Airbrushed Amid Criss Angel Rumors

Despite not being in the best shape of her career, Britney Spears looks nothing short of super-sexy on the cover of September’s Allure magazine.

The pop princess parades her perfect bare body with an “Alluring” red-lipped pout.

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And it seems the Britster busted a few bizarre moves while shooting.

"She (Spears) was entirely unselfconscious,” the editor-in-chief of Allure, Linda Wells, told People magazine. “She took off her wig and then stripped down to the waist, for no apparent reason, before sitting for hair and makeup."

But that’s not the only whiff of wildness we're hearing. One of Brit’s former nannies has claimed that such comfort with nudity goes beyond the point of normal.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, the bygone babysitter said that Brit asked her to join her in bed and constantly strips down in front of strangers and asks if she looks “pretty” and “sexy."

Well, perhaps illusionist Criss Angel, 39, has been pulling some magic moves to satisfy 25-year-old Spears' insecurities.

The songstress and Angel, who was recently linked to Cameron Diaz, were spotted at 4 a.m. on Thursday morning strolling hand-in-hand into the Towers Hotel in Beverly Hills, opening a bottle of Dom Perignon on the balcony.

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Spears and Angel are also rumored to be rehearsing together for a performance in next month's MTV Video Music Awards.

Packs Push to Get in Paris' Pants

Paris Hilton launched her very own fashion label on Thursday at Kitson boutique in Los Angeles among hundreds of frenzied fans, some of whom fainted when the fashionista turned up a fashionable 40 minutes late.

And the beachside blonde turned out to be a real traffic-stopper. Stylish shopping strip Robertson Boulevard was blocked off by over a dozen police cars while a lucky 200 fans were personally hugged and styled by the heiress.

And this girl can even make grown men cry.

“It was just unreal meeting her; Paris is so sweet,” one man told FOXNews.com while wiping tears from his eyes.

And while Hilton is worth millions, she wants her clothes to be affordable.

“It’s so important for women of all shapes and sizes to look good and feel good,” she told FOXNews.com. “It’s all about believing in yourself and having confidence. My label allows people to be stylish and not have to pay lots of money.”

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And when it comes to her top trend tip, Paris has a “Simple” secret.

“Wear bright colors,” she advised.

As for applying skills to style herself, Hilton believes that gentlemen prefer blondes.

“Marilyn Monroe was amazing,” she added. “She is such a style icon.”

Cameron Diaz: Love is in the Mayer?

He might be “Waiting for the World to Change”, but in the meantime, John Mayer is murmured to have moved onto another of Hollywood’s hottest: Cameron Diaz.

Both Tinseltown talents came out of love affairs earlier this year as Diaz departed from Justin Timberlake while Mayer moved away from Jessica Simpson.

According to an Us Magazine source, the comely couple is in the “new and developing” dating phase and spent Wednesday evening trolling together in New York City.

Reps for both Cam and John declined to comment on the romancing rumors, but who knows — it may very well be the start of “The Sweetest Thing."

Star-Studded Sightings: Paris Parties With Paintings

Looking pretty-perfect in her party dress on Wednesday night, Paris Hilton popped out to Uncle Buck’s art gallery along with an “Entourage” of celebrities such as Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Ricki Lake, Brandon Davis, Brody Jenner, Taryn Manning and pro-surfer Kobe Abberton.

Strangely enough, Hilton’s "oily" ex-beau Davis was going for a “Men in Black” get-up with his sooty shades that stayed on all night (we’re assuming he didn’t want his bloody eye spotted.)

Hilton and Grenier then snuck out for a complex-carb boost of pasta at posh Italian eatery Bella before walking over to Les Deux to get down on the dance floor.

Despite the fact that these two have been bumming together a lot lately, they still say they are simply good friends.

Lindsay Lohan Steps Out of Rehab for a Tan

For the third time this year, Lindsay Lohan is attempting to curb her wild ways in rehab. And now there are finally photos to prove her presence at the Utah facility ... or rather, stepping out of the facility to freshen up her tan and work out.

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Linds, however, reportedly is a perfect patient in the Mormon-run center, cleaning toilets and meditating as told.

Unlike her last two adventures in Wonderland and Promises, the 21-year-old is not texting for a McDonald's fix or running off to roam the shops on Robertson ... although she has been keeping up her tan with the folks from the solarium next door.

But even with her future hinging on her Aug. 24 hearings, let’s hope Linds continues to Li-Lo and recover.

Britney to Open VMAs?

The word is out that Britney Spears is set for one "Crazy" career-saving comeback: the opening act at MTV's Video Music Awards in Las Vegas next month. Reps from MTV refused to confirm or condemn the chit chat, which gives us hope that we will be seeing our "Baby, One More Time."

The Britster reportedly has been working with crisis-management mogul Jeff Kwatinetz of The Firm, and insiders are ensuring that Spears doesn’t pull a no-show, as this could potentially poison her professional career for good.

And despite the custody battle and fast-food fashion shoots, a source close to Spears swears she's no "Toxic" train wreck.

"Britney is smart. She knows exactly what she is doing," the insider told FOXNews.com. "She’s fun; she’s eccentric. But despite what everyone thinks, she’s got it together. She’s going to come back with a bang and blow everyone’s mind."

Alyssa Milano Stands Up Her Driver

Alyssa Milano failed to "Charm" her chauffeur on Tuesday when she forgot to cancel his sought-after services.

The distressed driver waited and waited outside a West Los Angeles building for the brunette beauty to return from a business meeting, before finally plucking up the courage to head in to investigate.

Looking a little suit-sweaty, the stressed serviceman expressed his concern for the whereabouts of Milano, only to be told that she'd nixed the appointment two hours earlier.

"At first he didn’t want to believe what he was being told," an eyewitness said. "He looked devastated then completely angry as he stormed away."

The screen star is appearing in two flicks to be released this year, "The Blue Hour" and "Pathology."

Posh Is Just a Playmom in the Mansion

Has the arrival of the Beckhams brought about a new funhouse to rival Hugh Hefner's hotspot? It seems the most playful place now belongs to David and Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham in Beverly Hills.

"I've never seen the kids and Victoria so happy," the soccer stud told reporters after training on Tuesday. "That's the best part for me, to have a happy family, happy children and everything else is good."

Meanwhile, Victoria has been busy simply playing mom of the mansion by ensuring her boys are ready for school in the States.

"We've got to make sure they are all kitted out with new schoolbags and pencil cases — you remember what it's like going back to school, you've got to have a new EVERYTHING!" she wrote in her blog.

But when she isn’t running after the boys and "spicing" up their sweet home, the pop princess is roaming the restaurants and indulging her beauty needs.

"Well, you never know when you might need a facial!" Victoria said.

Star-Studded Sightings: Carmen Electrifies the Water; Brandon Davis Bashed?

Packs of bored paparazzi waiting outside Paris Hilton’s Malibu beach-house for the heiress to hit the waves on Sunday were glad that they were on "Baywatch." Carmen Electra busted out in an itty-bitty bikini in the early afternoon but was careful to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. The beachside beauty held her bikini top as she bounced through the waves and waved to the cameras as she waded.

Hilton’s pal Brandon Davis was in town on Tuesday night to hang with the hotel heiress, but he looked a little worse for wear. The oil heir was spotted at Hollywood hotspot Opera with a badly bruised and bloody eye.

'Fully Loaded': Lindsay Lohan Held at Gunpoint

A lawsuit submitted by a passenger in the car that allegedly was chased by Lindsay Lohan on the night of her arrest claims she and other passengers were so terrified of the "Mean Girl" that they drove through a barricade at the Santa Monica Police Department and jumped out of their Cadillac toward police officers — who then whipped out their guns.

Lohan reportedly stumbled out of her SUV and ran toward the cops, prompting the officers to close in on everyone involved with their guns drawn.

This contradicts initial reports that the arrest was conducted in a calm and unthreatening manner. A spokesperson for the Santa Monica Police Department told FOXNews.com that while he could not confirm that guns were raised, "he would not be surprised."

The passenger, Tracie Rice, is suing Lohan for "intentional infliction of emotional distress" and for an undisclosed amount to cover medical and miscellaneous expenses.

'Superbad' Studs

What is "Superbad" star Seth Rogen’s most prominent memory of his schoolyard years?

"My sheer desperation to touch a woman," he told FOXNews.com at Monday's red-carpet premiere.

The farcical flick features dares, drugs, drinking and of course, the teen search for a bed buddy. And when it comes to wooing the women, star Christopher Mintz-Plasse is convinced he has the golden goods.

"'I am McLovin'' is the best pick-up line," he said. "I think I’ll just go up to the ladies, say it and I think they’ll just … Oh, my God ... they’ll just melt."

And Emma Stone, who plays the high school hottie who is hit on by all the boys, has heard some real-life loser lines.

"The other week a guy said to me: 'If I were a duck and you were a moose and we made love we'd make a duckmoose and you know what it would sound like, it would sound like this [weird noise]," she said. "I just remember hearing it and being like 'What?' and then I probably walked away."

Courtney Love Strips, Calls Actresses 'Bulimic Liars'

Courtney Love may have curbed her wild ways, but that didn’t stop the rocker from stripping for the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

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Love reclines in a ladylike manner on a lavish lounge, accompanied by the headline: "I’d rather go naked than wear fake Chanel."

But that’s not the only thing the unruly rocker revealed to the mag.

"For many years, I took pills. I felt like I had this dirty secret," she splurged. "And I cracked in public, and so I lost all my credibility."

And while there used to be much more of her to "Love," Courtney has no patience for deceiving dieters.

"I hate reading magazines where the actresses are saying 'Broccoli and fish, broccoli and fish.' You liars. You bulimic liars," she said. "I’ve lost a lot of weight, and I have done it through being quite disciplined… Some people think it’s about weight loss, but it’s about detoxing."

But Love has responded to talk that she's lost too much weight by insisting she’s packed on 10 pounds with some "sweet" support.

"I've put on 10 pounds (thank you Sprinkles cupcakes which I must admit are overrated)," she wrote on her MySpace blog last week. "I must point out the hypocrisy of this crazy hysteria about my weight. No one's going to mistake me for Eva Longoria, and my God I am truly happy to be who and what I am."

Li-Lo Scrubbing Toilets?

Perhaps nothing can sober up a sad starlet like a serious stench.

According to a patient named Jane P., Lindsay Lohan is flushing away her blues in a Mormon-run rehab in Utah.

Talking to "The Insider," the woman (who recently checked out of the program) says every day Linds has meetings, meditation, massages, meals and must even clean her very own bathroom and bedroom.

Adrian Grenier Makes a Late-Night Hilton Check-In

Although they say they are just friends who are filming a pro-paparazzi documentary together, Adrian Grenier and Paris Hilton don’t mind doing a little late-night labor without the lights and camera.

Hilton high-tailed into her Malibu mansion just before midnight Sunday but wasn’t in the mood for her usual posing.

Moments later, Grenier and his own “Entourage” arrived at her house, but checked out early. The native New Yorker was spotted heading back to the Hollywood Hills just an hour and a half later.

Britney Driver Runs Over Paparazzo's Foot

It seems like paparazzi who get too close to Britney Spears are bound to suffer some bruises.

Spears was spotted in L.A. Saturday night walking out of Chinese restaurant Wokano in the wee hours. However, once Britney and a handsome blond mystery man got in the car, the man, who was driving, was moving a little too madly for the plodding paps, and proceeded to run over one photographer's foot.

“Britney was trying to hide her face and this new guy who was driving ran over a photographer’s foot,” an eyewitness told FOXNews.com. “The poor pap was telling him to back up but he just stayed there for ages.”

While no bones appeared to be broken, the scarred snapper limped away from the scene.

Angelina Jolie Drops Bisexual Behavior for Brad Pitt

Despite openly admitting her bisexuality several years ago and confessing to having had romantic relations with model Jenny Shimizu, Angelina Jolie has canned kinky sex and given up girls for good.

In an interview with French magazine Public, Jolie said that since Brad Pitt became her beau, there "is no longer a place for that in her life."

Jolie also says Brad has "complete blind faith" in her.

"He lets me talk to whomever I want," she said.

But if he wants to keep Angelina's "Mighty Heart" happy, Jolie says Brad has to "stay sexy."

Paris Hilton Hops Into Adrian Grenier’s 'Entourage'

Adrian Grenier has added a fresh face to his "Entourage."

The HBO star and Paris Hilton were spotted swimming and smiling together on Thursday, and Paris and Grenier both were at the "green carpet" for Thursday’s premiere of Leonardo DiCaprio’s "11th Hour" environmental documentary.

But there are no romantic relations between the two, as Hilton’s rep insisted they are "just friends."

Hilton also said her friend Nicole Richie will be "a really great mom."

"She and Joel are so excited," Paris said.

Hilton also has a few “Simple” solutions to make the world a better place.

“I just want to make people aware of little things like recycling and cutting the plastic off a six-pack of coke,” Paris told FOXNews.com.

Roseanne Rants: Deceived or Drunk?

Larger-than-life comedienne Roseanne Barr may have had more than her say on issues over the years, but fans were left flabbergasted last week when a series of slurry stories appeared on her MySpace page.

The blogs, supposedly from Roseanne, said such things as “I would rather just smell like pee” and "I have liked drinking alone."

However, the former sitcom star swears she was the victim of a vicious hack job and posted this memo on her official site:

"One of the interns who was administering my MySpace page ... has been fired," the 54-year-old comic wrote late Monday. "I apologize for the offensive blogging that went on there last night. I write only at RoseanneWorld.com. I apologize to all on MySpace who received the offensive bulletins. The matter has been handled."

Meet the New 'Bachelor'

He’s Southern, sincere and seems to be the sexiest "Bachelor" to date.

Bar owner Brad Womack, 34, was picked up by "The Bachelor" producers while they were in one of his Texan bars scouting for fresh females for the show.

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And despite his lush looks, executive producer Mike Fleiss says he’s not too hot to handle.

"We've had a million guys on the show and he's the first who has ever come to me and said that he really appreciates the opportunity," Fleiss told the New York Daily News. "And he wants to pay for a barbecue for the entire crew and staff himself when the show is over."

Jennifer Lopez Fears Hollywood Hate

Despite having a mountain of movies, music, clothing and perfume nestled next to her name, Jennifer Lopez has confessed to fears of someday being hated by Hollywood.

"I wake up every day and I worry that it all might end; you just never know in this industry," she told FOXNews.com on the red carpet at the Hollywood Foreign Press Luncheon on Thursday.

“No matter how successful you are, this is Hollywood — it's unpredictable. But it is this that motivates me just to keep working harder.”

And while J-Lo likes to spread her skills across a stream of industries, the star doesn’t necessarily believe that this is the secret to success.

"I think if music is your passion, then stick to music, or if acting is your passion, then stay with that," she said. "But for me, I wanted to try a variety of things and it’s the diversity that I love. But everybody is different and at the end of the day you just have to follow your heart."

Meanwhile, her ex-husband's attempt to “Get Loud” in a tell-all biography about Lopez has been busted — leaving the multimillion-dollar music mogul just under $545,000 richer to compensate for her personal suffering.

The sexy songstress sued Ojani Noa for attempting to publish a book that claims she had numerous extramarital affairs.

However, Lopez took the case to the courts not over defamation but over a confidentially clause broken by Noa following their 2005 split. The clause stated that Noa would not disclose any intimate details surrounding their relationship.

A rep for the “Maid in Manhattan” star confirmed the settlement but declined further comment.

Report: Fed-Ex Battles Brit for Their Babies

Kevin Federline is so wary of his ex-wife Britney Spears' wayward ways that he filed an order Wednesday to show cause for primary physical custody, People magazine reports.

The divorced divas share their two sons 50/50, but a source close to Federline told People the would-be-rapper was worried Spears was exposing the boys to "unnecessary risk" and that his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, "hopes to get Kevin primary custody."

In June, when the couple was wrangling over their divorce settlement, Federline still was resisting signing the papers over growing concerns about Spears' erratic behavior.

Details of the suit remain sealed and calls to K-Fed’s rep were not returned.

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