Reality Check: Save The Last 'Dance' for Sabra

"So You Think You Can Dance" doesn't go out with a whimper. Oh, no. The show that aired for three nights and five hours this week showed us such a dizzying array of dancers, styles, costumes, numbers and choreographers as we made our way toward the finale that it felt like a major accomplishment to actually make it to the end.

I'm talking about as a viewer; God only knows what it was like for the dancers, all of whom deserve to take to their respective beds for the next few weeks straight.

The revelation that Sabra Johnson was America's favorite dancer and the recipient of the $250,000 prize was met with passionate screaming from the audience, but I have to admit that I didn't join in that particular celebration.

It's not that I don't think she's good. But to bestow the honor upon Sabra meant not giving it to Danny, who quite simply turned, leapt and lifted better than any human being I've ever seen on any television show anywhere.

As Mia Michaels said a few weeks back (in a way that actually made a hardened soul like me tear up), Danny has the kind of talent that could land him in history books.

Still, I knew this particular end was coming. I felt the tides turn in Sabra's favor roughly a month ago, when the judges seemed incapable of completing sentences that didn't end with words like "and I can't believe Sabra's only been dancing for four years."

Yet it was when Sabra announced that her favorite routine of the season was Wade Robson's solo to the John Mayer song that I both knew she would win and that I wouldn't be happy about it.

Danny wasn't the only dancer I hated to see lose. Lauren, who was this year's MAP (most adorable player) and Lacey, who managed to always pull off the impossible without seeming to have to try, also held special places in my heart. These girls moved with electric grace but also played well to the camera by uttering the most charming and amusing asides. Was I the only one just the tiniest bit bored by all of Sabra's earnest comments?

Suffice it to say I have a much worse attitude about the winner than runners-up Danny, Lacey and Neil did, all of whom smiled brilliantly and appeared genuinely happy with the results.

Then again, considering what they've put their bodies and minds through in the past few months, they were probably just grateful to still be standing on two feet.

Anna David is a freelance writer. Her novel, "Party Girl," is in stores now.