Lis and the Single Girl: Single Ladies With Married Boyfriends — Everything Isn’t Coming Up Roses

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Single and fabulous? Well then this is the column for you!

Ever wish you had your own personal Carrie Bradshaw to answer your questions — not just about what to do if your boyfriend dumps you via text message — but serious issues that confront us? This special daily edition of “Lis on Law” will address topics that single women are faced with and that everybody wonders about — but no one has time to figure out.

Between work, working out, dating and maintaining a social life, it’s tough to find time to do much else. So, read up and prepare to be fully armed for brunch this weekend with your friends with some super conversation topics! Your pals will be amazed!

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For all you single ladies out there with married boyfriends, everything ain’t
coming up roses …

We all know he’s out there … the guy who’s already said “I do” but decides he loves you too. Just hope he doesn’t “say it with flowers” or you may end up with a thorn in your side.

Prince Charming, ahem, I mean Leroy Greer is irate after 1-800-Flowers accidentally outed him to his wife for having an affair. A short while back Greer sent his mistress a dozen long stemmed roses and a plush stuffed animal. However, when he placed the order he asked that he not be sent a receipt or any record of his purchase at his home or office — conditions to which Greer insists the company agreed. Months later though, despite his request, 1-800-Flowers sent a thank-you note to Greer’s home. His wife intercepted the note, which prompted her to call the florist and demand to be told who had received the flowers. Fortunately for her the company was very accommodating and cheerfully faxed her over a copy of her husband’s order form. The receipt revealed that the flowers were for an occasion of “Love and Romance” — cuddly stuffed animal included. The florist even released the message on the card: “Just wanted to say I love you and you mean the world to me!” Armed now with proof of her husband’s infidelity, Mrs. Greer filed for divorce.

Mr. Greer subsequently filed suit on August 6 in Texas for $1 million against 1-800-Flowers claiming breach of contract for breaching not only its own privacy policy, but also for specific promises made when he asked nothing be sent to his home. He argues that what would have been an amicable divorce will now blossom into a full blown war! I say this guy made his bed [of roses] and now he can lie in it! 1-800-Flowers should not be liable for personal consequences of Mr. Greer’s own immoral conduct.

So I know a lot of you ladies are wondering what will happen to this cheater. Typically, in a breach of contract suit you can recover the price you originally paid and not much more. 1-800-Flowers may have breached their own privacy policy thereby giving Mr. Greer a claim for the price of the flowers and perhaps the filing fee in court. However, as for the breach of the conditions Mr. Greer alleges 1-800-Flowers agreed to, (not to send proof of purchase anywhere) they should not be responsible for the resulting outcome. Why? Because the reason he made that agreement in the first place was for illicit purposes which renders such a contract void. Adultery is still illegal in most states and under some law the commission of an illegal act limits your ability to sue. Further, for Mr. Greer to collect damages under contract law he would have to show that his damages were foreseeable. Thus, the florist would have had to know the flowers were for a mistress and revealing this to his wife would result in divorce, making it even more unlikely he will recover the exorbitant sum of $1 million.

Now for all you Mrs. Greers out there — after acquiring proof of his infidelity Mrs. Greer decided to ask for an additional $300,000, as well as $4,000 to $5,000 a month in child support for the son the couple had together. Generally in divorce cases, proof of infidelity leads to more favorable results for the faithful party (and it should!).

And if you’re the girlfriend in a situation like this, you might be asking if you have any legal claim yourself. Embarrassment damages perhaps? Not likely. The law is not very giving in terms of emotional damages recoverable under contract law. Generally emotional damages are limited to tort* cases. Contract damages are more “economic” and designed to compensate only for the lost monetary value resulting from the breach. So, don’t lie down with snakes or you may get bit!

*This type of tort is not a sweet cake with many eggs (i.e. torte), this is a civil case over an alleged wrongful action by another that resulted in damages but not criminal conduct.

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