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Question 1: Don Imus and CBS have reached a settlement over Imus' contract. The radio personality is looking to take back to the airwaves. Which station has Imus reportedly been in talks with?


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Question 2: Millions of toys manufactured in China were recalled Tuesday. Which toy company issued the recall?

A. Mattel Inc.
B. Lego Group
C. Baby Einstein
D. Itoys

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Question 3: Medical studies may be close to finding a new way to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Studies are beginning to confirm the removal of what organ may help improve or possibly cure ADHD?

A. Spleen
B. Tonsils
C. Appendix
D. Kidney

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Question 4: A year-old patriotic poetic-rap video uploaded to YouTube has suddenly taken the net by storm. Which branch of the U.S. military is the featured man in the video believed to belong to?

A. Army
B. Navy
C. Marine Corps.
D. Coast Guard

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Question 5: Mary Winkler, who was convicted of murdering her abusive preacher husband, was freed Tuesday. How much time did Winkler serve?

A. Five years in jail
B. Two years in jail
C. One year in a mental facility
D. Two months in a mental facility

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Question 6: The one-hour Hamas children's' television show "Tomorrow's Pioneers" airs weekly and features a character known as Nahoul the Bee. What is Nahoul the Bee intended to instill in the young children?

A. A sense of national pride
B. Healthy self-esteem
C. The inspiration to become a future suicide bomber
D. The passion for education

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Question 7: A 17-year-old English girl was hospitalized with palpitations and hyperventilating after consuming seven double espressos. What caused the girl's symptoms?

A. A caffeine overdose
B. She was allergic to espresso
C. The espresso was made from contaminated beans
D. The espresso was not properly prepared

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Question 8: Not everyone is anxiously awaiting the release of O.J. Simpson's book "If I Did It." Who has asked for a boycott of the book?

A. O.J. Simpson
B. O.J. Simpson's daughter
C. Nicole Brown Simpson's sister
D. The case's prosecution

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Question 9: Michael Vick, who is facing federal dog fighting charges, has new legal troubles. The Atlanta Falcons quarterback has been hit with a $63 billion lawsuit filed by a man who claims Vick stole his dogs and put them up for sale on eBay to purchase "missiles from Iran." Who made this allegation against Vick?

A. An Atlanta Falcons teammate
B. A South Carolina inmate
C. A Richmond, VA neighbor of Vick's
D. A co-defendant in the dog fighting case

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Question 10: The rescue efforts to find six miners trapped in a Utah mine were halted Thursday. Why have the rescue efforts been put on hold?

A. They stopped to reevaluate the rescue plan
B. A second cave-in killed three rescue workers
C. Rescue efforts have been diverted to a mine collapse at another location
D. A blackout has rendered all mine lighting and rescue equipment useless

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BONUS Question: U.S. News and World Report has released their college rankings. Which college tops the list for the eighth year in a row?

A. Princeton
B. Harvard
C. Yale
D. Stanford

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