Exposing the Media

With President Bush's poll numbers very low, the radical left has become emboldened and more aggressive, especially in the once cautious elite media.

For example, it would have been impossible for NBC News in the days of Huntley and Brinkley to espouse a decidedly left-wing point of view, but that's exactly what is happening now over there.

And if you don't believe me, listen to what NBC's Joe Scarborough said this morning:


SCARBOROUGH: My first night here at MSNBC was the president's State of the Union Address in 2003. And I was shocked because there were actually people in the newsroom that were booing the president basically from the beginning to the end.


Now as slanted as things are at NBC News, they are even worse at many of the nation's newspapers. Two days ago the editor of The Seattle Times, Dave Boardman, sent a memo to his newsroom saying, "When word came in of Karl Rove's resignation, several people here started cheering. That sort of expression is simply not appropriate for a newsroom."

We applaud Mr. Boardman for trying to impose some kind of discipline on his liberal newspaper. No such discipline at the radical left San Francisco Chronicle, which continues to routinely spew out anti-American and anti-Christian hatred. Chronicle columnist Mark Morford, who despised people of faith, wrote this yesterday: "The thing that modern Christianity seems to do best, and I don't mean to justify brutal, unwinnable wars, or slam gay people, or bash women's rights, is to splinter and divide and segregate. You know, to exclude."

Morford's vicious attack on Christians goes on to say that many believers in God are simply bad people because of their beliefs. It is stunning that a responsible newspaper would even print hatred like that.

But wait, there's more. Far-left radical Robert Scheer is also a Chronicle columnist and he's now calling America a terrorist nation because the USA used atomic weapons to defeat Japan. Scheer writes, "Just what exactly distinguishes the United States' use of the ever so cutely named "fat man" and "little boy" atomic bombs on cities in Japan from the car bombs of Baghdad or the planes that smashed into the World Trade Center? Of course, we had our justifications as terrorists always do."

Stunning. Scheer's hatred for his own country and his ignorance of World War II should disqualify him from any serious journalistic enterprise. Would The San Francisco Chronicle allow a column to attack Jews or Muslims? Would it allow a staffer to disparage homosexuals or blacks on its pages? No, it would not. But that newspaper is more than happy to print that this country is a terrorist state and Christians are villains.

The publisher of The Chronicle is Frank Vega and he's responsible for hiring these hateful people. Circulation of The Chronicle is declining faster than any other major newspaper in America. But that doesn't seem to matter to the powers of that paper, does it?

"Talking Points" is actually glad this stuff is coming out, that the radical loons in this country are showing their true colors. Now there's no longer any debate about The Seattle Times, NBC News, and the grossly irresponsible San Francisco Chronicle, is there? That's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day." President Bush has visited more than 60 countries and 49 states during his tenure in office. The one state he has not been to, Vermont.

Now, I've been tough on the state for failing to pass Jessica's Law and for its loopy media. But I like Vermont.

In fact, Vermont Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie stopped by today to chat. Dubie is a pro-life Republican who supports Jessica's Law, proving there is diversity in the land of Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and far-left Senator Patrick Leahy.

And Dubie brought me some great maple syrup, which is never ridiculous.

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