More Proof Media in America Populated by Liberals

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Sometimes you have your suspicions confirmed by proof leaking out around the edges.

The suspicion is that the media in this country, especially big city newspapers, are populated by liberals who not only do the reporting and editing, but also do the hiring and firing. Consequently these media outlets become liberal echo chambers, unable to even understand conservative thinking because they never hear it.

Suspicions are aroused by what appears in the papers, but proof comes from what happens at the paper.

The other day when the news flashed in the newsroom of The Seattle Times that Karl Rove had resigned, a spontaneous cheer went up. It evidently felt good because the newsroom is anti-Bush, anti-Rove, and liberal through and through. But it was embarrassing because now the secret was out.

Executive editor David Boardman had to send out a memo asking the staff to leave their politics at the door. And he acknowledged the truth: "If we wore our politics on our sleeves in here, I have no doubt that in this and in most other mainstream newsrooms in America, the majority of those sleeves would be of the same color: blue." But, said Boardman, he wasn't interested in editing a paper of advocacy journalism and he urged his liberal staffers to back off.

Same thing happened at MSNBC, according to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who pulled the curtain back on attitudes there, as if it weren't obvious. In 2003 the newsroom staff at MSNBC booed George W. Bush during his State of the Union address, Scarborough said.

This isn't supposed to be happening. Not in those two newsrooms or any other.

There are those who like to throw stones, and it's amazing how often they are sitting in glass houses. But at least now we know.

That's My Word.

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