DA: Georgia Sheriff Confessed to Ordering Hit on Sheriff-Elect

Former DeKalb County Sheriff Sidney Dorsey has confessed to ordering a hit on sheriff-elect Derwin Brown, District Attorney Gwen Keyes Fleming said Thursday.

Fleming and Dorsey met July 13 at the prison in Reidsville, where Dorsey is serving life in prison after being convicted of plotting his rival's killing.

Brown was gunned down in December 2000, just days before taking office.

Brown's family has been fighting to collect for his death, with daughter Brandy Brown Rhodes telling state officials that her family has struggled financially and emotionally since her father's slaying.

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Brown's widow, Phyllis Brown, suffered a stroke in 2003 and died in 2006.

After Brown's December 2000 murder, his widow received $75,000 from a state fund, but she argued her family would have received more had the killing taken place after he took office. Brown had resigned from his post as a sheriff's deputy after his election victory, so he wasn't treated as if he'd been killed in the line of duty.

Before she died, Phyllis Brown filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Dorsey, the others involved in the murder and DeKalb County. The Georgia Court of Appeals ruled in November 2005 that the county could not be held liable because the sheriff is a state officer. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to consider the case.

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